INFOGRAPHIC: Tips on The Ergonomics of Sitting Well

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The ergonomics of sitting well


The ergonomics of sitting well

According to safe work Australia $20 Billion was the work related injury cost in Australia in 1993.

Imagine what it is now, some estimates put it around $60 Billion!



Take short 1-2 minute stretch breaks every 20-30 minutes. After each hour of work, take a break or change tasks for at least 5-10 minutes.

The following timer can help:



Take short 1-2 minute stretch breaks every 20-30 minutes. After each hour of work, take a break or change tasks for at least 5-10 minutes.

Ergonomic Workstation


A basic rule of ergonomics is that there is no such thing as an "average" person. However, providing a chair specifically designed for each individual is not practical. The only solution is to provide workers with fully adjustable chairs that can accommodate a maximum range of people.


Posture is the single most important factor in avoiding neck & back pain. If you can, get a chair that encourages optimal posture.

Posture test steps


Posture test steps

To do this easy test, all you need is a wall. Stand with your feet flat on the ground, with your heels about 15 centimeters away from the wall. Put your back flat against the wall.

Then place your head against the wall as well, and tuck in your chin. Raise your arms out to shoulder height and bend your elbows. The tips of your fingers will be pointing forward, and your elbows will be straight out from your shoulders.

Now rotate your arms upward at the elbows, keeping them bent, and try to touch the back of your wrists to the wall.

If your back arches, or you can’t get your wrists to touch the wall, that indicates poor posture.


Chair height is important in preventing chronic and acute pain and inflammation. Make sure your chair height is adjustable so that your knees are slightly lower than your hips.


Incorrect positioning of the screen can result in awkward postures. Adjust it so that your neck is in a neutral, relaxed position. Position the top of the screen approximately 5 centimeters above eye level.


An articulating keyboard tray can provide optimal positioning of input devices. However, it should accommodate the mouse, enable leg clearance, and have an adjustable height and tilt mechanism. Your keyboard should be full size to allow your hands to have optimal movement across they keys.

You can download the infographic here.

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