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The CPU Holder Lift will enhance any workstation with its modern design and compact features. The lift support is simple to install and is the best option for keeping your computer out of the way and free from damage. This...
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The CPU Holder Snug is ideal for smaller, thinner computers. This slim computer support is easy to install and can be adjusted to fit larger CPU's. This support structure allows your CPU to sit off the ground and has a...
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    CPU Holder

    Your computer is the holy grail from which you create and deliver on business requirements and solutions. Your hard drive is the heart and soul of your computer, and much like the human heart it requires ample protection to function at its optimum.

    Large computers and hard drives should be amongst the most cared for tools in the office and as such they require housing units that do as much for you CPU as you do for your clients.

    The JasonL CPU Holders have been designed to protect your valuable office partner. With variable sizing options and ventilation, you can focus on delivering the goods while your computer is safely and neatly cocooned in the CPU Holder.

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