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Our purpose is to enable people to do their best!
We do this by providing a tailored set of stocked products and services that create successful work environments.

We service the private and public sectors. We work with decision makers of growing SMB's, franchisers, government,education departments and NFP's. We love working with people who value honesty and reliability and whom value their own people. We best service the Eastern seaboard but have Australian wide capability.

Our uniques
  • - Tailored set of stocked products
  • - Honesty Always
  • - Fitouts Fast
  • - People First



JasonL's ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System is integrated into our Sydney HQ & Warehouse ERP and SOP's. This gives us seamless control and visibility into our manufacturing, supply and installation processes. Our integrated system also gives you, the customer, full transparency into your order providing real time communication.

ISO 14001:2015 is a family of standards applied to Sydney HQ & Warehouse. They related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations and processes negatively affect the environment. ISO 14001 details how our products are designed and manufactured with a viewpoint on maximizing our environmental efficiencies and also gives us a framework for continual improvement.

New South Wales Government Furniture

Office & Education Furniture Contract No. DoE2040350214. The NEW and Mandatory “Whole of Government” Scheme.JasonL is a TIER 2 Suppliers approved to fulfil orders up to $150,000. JasonL is approved to supply furniture from 12 product categories – across ALL NSW regions.The scheme offers a panel of prequalified suppliers for purchasing and manufacturing seating, steel furniture, workstations, desks, tables and other general office furniture. Recycled furniture is also available from suppliers on the scheme.The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI), in consultation with industry and NSW Government agencies, has developed the NSW Government Office Furniture Prequalification Scheme. Under Procurement Board Direction 2012-02 agencies have an obligation to use this whole-of-government scheme.

AFRDI Approved. Level 6 essentially signifies that a chair should be able to withstand extremely severe conditions of use, such as office environments, police stations, military installations, control rooms and use in heavy industry.

AFRDI Green Certified. A green tick approved product highlights how we have adopted sustainability as a working philosphy on the particular product from the materials used to the manufacturing process.

Australian Made logo certifies that certain products of JasonL have been audited and passed the criteria. Allowing the use of the Australian made logo.

Australian Made logo certifies that certain products of JasonL have been audited and passed the criteria. Allowing the use of the Australian made logo.


We have won some amazing awards and been recognised for doing an outstanding job!

  • Shortlist AFR BossAwards 2021Best places to work

  • Mybusiness
    Award winner 2020B2B retailer of the year

  • Online Retails Industry Awards 2020Best B2B retailer of the year (Finalist)

  • My Business Award 2019Workplace of the year (Finalist)

  • Sydney Metro Regional BusinessAwards 2019 Excellence in business (Finalist)


People? Power!


Chief Ergonomic Officer

Favourite cartoonBugs Bunny

What I do: I create unique, affordable products, building an innovative, highly focused culture and disrupting the industry!


Chief Ergonomist

Favourite cartoon: Road Runner

What I do: I make sure the gears spin in the JasonL machine, look after the ones and zeros and work with our people!


Operations Manager

Favourite cartoon: Homer Simpson

What I do: I ensure the day to day operations for JasonL run smoothly.


VICState Manager

Favourite cartoon: Tom - the cat

What I do: I look after our Melbourne sales operations!


Head of business projects

Favourite cartoon: SuperTed

What I do: I am in charge of the ins and outs of our Western Sydney business.


Chief Office Mover

Favourite cartoon: Eric Cartman

What I do: I get things moving with business-movers!


Sales & Account Manager

Favourite cartoon:  Superman

What I do: I build solid relationships with valued clients, maintaining and strengthening win-win



Favourite cartoon: Bugs Bunny

What I do: I make sure accounts go swimmingly!


Sales Account Manager

Favourite cartoon: Hans Moleman

What I do: I help create workable office spaces for customers and designers in Melbourne.

Meghan Williamson

QLD Sales

Favourite cartoon: Dr. Sauss

What I do: I help create functional commercial space for our customers in QLD.


Customer Service Officer

Favourite cartoon: Charizard

What I do: I speak with our lovely customers, sort out any hiccups and nuances.

Alexandra Araujo

Project Manager Melbourne

Favourite cartoon: Bulbasor

What I do: I make sure Melbourne orders and shippments go where they need to go.



Favourite cartoon: Iron man

What I do: I help with sales, estimation and buying.

Fitouts? Fast!

We have trained Fitout experts across the East Coast through our store network. Our people can help you from product selection, Floor plans to project management and delivery. We provide a tailored set of stocked products meaning we don't rely on a local supply base we import direct or manufacture 95% of all the products you will require. This allows us to be your one stop shop with lead times from Express 3-5 business day deliveries to 7 - 10 Business days for larger fit-outs.

Our good friends at Octet finance gave us a call letting us know they were moving onwards and upwards to a brand new space in Surry Hills. This would be the third office we have been asked to fitout for Octet. They wanted to create an environment that looked after their employees with the la...

- Octet Finance Surry Hills, Sydney NSW

Our friends Rufus and Coco speak our language and values. We worked in conjunction with Forma Projects to deliver a space that embodies the Rufus and Coco brand Modern, professional yet cheeky and fun. The JasonL furniture was chosen to fit in the space and complement its surroundings.Rufus ...

- Rufus And Coco Fitout

We received a call from our good friends at Harris Mackay after they built a new office space for Australia Post in Chullora. With a 2 week lead time, we helped transform Australia Post’s new 750 square meter office space.Australia Post Chullora Office Fitout

- Australia Post Chullora Office Fitout

3 equal instalments
over 8 months

1st instalment at the time of purchase, 2nd instalment 4 months later and the last on the 8th month.

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Late Fees are communicated clearly and will be displayed on the offer.

Rent to own

We do not require personal guarantees as this offer is a rent to own offer. The asset ownership transfers on the last instalment.

Same Day Approval

Quick approvals on orders over $2k.

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