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Brian McGrath

Brian McGrath

@Brian McGrath - 5month(s) ago

Couldn't fault. Everything went perfectly

Michael Rembach

Michael Rembach

@Michael Rembach - 7month(s) ago

Great selection of chairs - I bought some for the whole family. Given COVID it was click and collect and that was relatively easy as well

Sunita Pattinson

Sunita Pattinson

@Sunita Pattinson - 8month(s) ago

I bought an office desk and a student desk for my 6year old daughter. There was bit of wait due to the recent...

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Chairs

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most comfortable office chair?

    Always opt for an ergonomic office chair, such as: Hawk Fabric Office Chair Raven Office Chair Shrike Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Ergonomic Ratchet Mesh Back
  • Are ergonomic chairs better than non-ergonomic chairs?

    While ergonomic chairs have many benefits and make the best option for office furniture, you will only see the benefits if you are sitting correctly. An appropriate desk is also an essential part of an ergonomic workstation.
  • How much should I spend on an office chair?

    For a good quality, ergonomic office chair, prices start from around $100. The high end executive chairs can cost upwards of $1,500, while a $500+ chair has all of the ergonomic features an office worker needs and will last for many years. Your budget, the type of work you do and your preferred aesthetic should be taken into consideration, too.
  • Should I buy an office chair with or without arms?

    Some purpose-built office chairs are designed without arms, but generally speaking it is better to purchase a chair with arms. Chair arms support the upper body and encourage better posture, leading to less strain for the user.
  • What is an ergonomic chair?

    Many chairs claim to be ergonomic, but a truly ergonomic chair should include: Back adjustment Seat adjustment Arm support Lumbar support Tilt lock Stability
  • What is the best executive office chair?

    Shrike Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Fern Task Chair by Haworth Smile and Enjoy - Executive Leather Office Chair High Back Zody Task Chair by Haworth
  • What is the best home office chair?

    JasonL has a range of affordable office chairs, perfect for the home office: Raven Chair: $159 Shrike Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair: $389 Swan White Nylon Office Chair: $339 Dove Mesh Office Chair: $159
  • What are the best office chairs for back pain?

    Hawk - Ergonomic Mesh Chair: $382 Executive Leather Office Chair High Back: $774 High End Office Chair Medium Back (Posturesure): $501 Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair: $268
  • What is standard office chair height?

    Your office chair height should depend on your height and size, but most chairs are within the following range: Seat height: 40 - 50cm Seat depth: 48 - 53cm Seat width: 38 - 48cm Total seat height: 78 - 101cm
  • How do office chairs work?

    Office chairs are constructed using gas springs and a basic hinge, and are usually adjustable. Office chairs are also often designed with wheels and adjustable features, such as a back tilt.
  • What is the best kind of office chair?

    The best kind of office chair is a good quality, ergonomic chair. The Swan Black Mesh Office Chair from Jason L is an affordable option and comes with a range of excellent features.
  • What is the best chair for an office desk?

    Best ergonomic: Hawk - Ergonomic Mesh Chair Best mesh chair: Swan Black Nylon Office Chair Best affordable chair: Lush - PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair Best executive chair: Gene - Black Executive Mesh Office Chair Best drafting chair: Heavy Duty Laboratory Drafting Chair

Need ALL the info on office chairs? We've got you!

At JasonL we firmly believe that the importance of your personal office chair can often be understated. You spend more time in that one single chair than anywhere else throughout your day or even your year and if you plan on working long hard shifts, day by day, then a comfortable, solid office chair with ergonomic technology is vital to your health and performance.

An office chair is a chair that is designed specifically for that purpose, to be used in an office and work environment and therefore has specific unique features to ensure you are comfortable during your workday and to be as productive as you possibly can be. If for example, you decided to use a dining room chair to sit on and work through an 8-hour day you’ll be guaranteed to feel it on your back and the rest of your body for days after. It won’t be a comfortable experience as the dining room chair is just not built for that purpose.

A top range chair includes features such as lumbar support for your back, moulded foam for you to sit on that shapes to your body, breathable material to keep you fresh and many more, all designed to bring you comfort and to increase productivity. At the end of the day if you’re eager for a productive workday an ergonomically designed office chair is a must.

What to Look for in an Office Chair

Swan Office Chair

There are many features to look out for when buying your next office chair and many you can go without, but it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all, so you’re looking for a chair that will shape to you.

The second thing to remember is to be wary of being penny wise and pound foolish in your purchase. You or your employees will be spending a lot of time in that chair each day and buying cheap will impact productivity and therefore your bottom-line (if you’re buying for your employees of course).

The following things should all be considered when looking to buy your next chair;

  • Height adjustable
  • Look for adjustable backrests or a synchro mechanism
  • Check for lumbar support
  • Allow for sufficient seat depth and width
  • Choose breathable material and sufficient padding
  • Get a chair with armrests
  • Find easy to operate adjustment controls
  • Make movement easier with swivel and casters

All of these points are discussed in detail in our ergonomics section.

Features and Design

The design and features that are right for you depend entirely on your office layout, decor, brand and of course your intent. If you need chairs that will give your staff or visitors an opportunity to relax then you need to find a lounge or reception chair that has a little more give and comfort to ensure it hits the mark. The same goes for any office chair that you’re looking for whether it’s a task, executive or customer-centric.

In terms of design, you generally want to look for a product that has a slightly longer shelf life and can be used in more than one decor setting. Office spaces change and you don’t want to be stuck with those six neon pink chairs that worked well in the reception area but now work nowhere else. Try to keep to more natural colours such as maple, wench or white which will allow you to mix and match throughout the office.

Take the time to think about what features and design will work for you or your business in the long run (not just today) and you’re guaranteed to find the right fit.

Types of Office Chairs

There are many variations of the office chair and each has its own fit and task within the office environment. The best way to break them down is to start by looking at the purpose of each.

starling mesh chair

The top-level categories are;

As discussed, each has a specific purpose and is built for that. For example, your drafting chair is designed with a leg-rest for when you’re working at a high table for architects and designers while your lab or heavy-duty chairs are built to withstand the harsh working environment of commercial labs or schools where there is expected heavy wear and tear.

Some of these top-level categories can then be broken down into further subcategories, especially around the more generic office and home office categories. These subcategories are more focused on the type of material used or specific features and include:

Let’s briefly discuss each one of these, why they matter and how they can benefit you or your company;

Office Chairs

The office chair in this case is the more generic term for a chair that is used at a desk or workstation, so we’re not looking at reception and boardroom for example. These chairs are used by you or your staff during the workday and are where most of us spend the majority of our working lives. The office chair category can be split into ergonomic, mesh, height-adjustable and executive.

 - Ergonomic

An ergonomic chair is a chair that has been designed to best support the human body, including considerations like posture, comfort, support and health. An ergonomic chair should have lumbar support through an adjustment or cantilever (both height and depth) so each user can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of the lower back. It’s important to note that a mesh chair for example can also be ergonomic and visa-versa.

 - Mesh

The mesh chair is exactly that, it has a mesh fabric that allows the chair to “breathe” and give you a comfortable (non-stuffy) feel the whole day. Generally speaking when you’re going the opposite direction i.e. leather, in warmer conditions you very quickly feel stuck to the chair whereas the mesh option always feels comfortable and light.

 - Height-adjustable

Most ergonomically designed chairs these days are height adjustable as you’re buying chairs for a complete fitout with many people of different shapes and sizes. You can not buy a single chair with a set height and expect all of your staff to be comfortable at the same time, it’s just not possible. There are many different types of mechanics, levers and options available throughout our range, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend as your executive chairs would have more options than your entry-level.

 - Executive

The executive office chair is meant for, you guessed it, the executive. During a larger fitout companies would generally look at our ergonomic chair range such as the Plover which is great quality, has a good warranty and will last forever, for the open-plan offices. Then look at a more executive chair such as the Shrike to level up into upper management.

The true difference between the entry-level (quality stock) and the executive really comes down to the number of features the latter has in terms of setting your personal preferences. Those would include things like a ratchet back that can go up and down to increase seat depth, high-density foam, 4-dimensional padded arms and so forth.

Below we go into the primary categories. To skip this and go to our options/range section, please click here.

Home office chairs

home office chair can also work for a commercial office and visa-versa but the home office chair tends to be a little more styled than the standard office chair as it needs to fit into your home decor and finishing. The home office chair is no different in terms of its function as it still serves the same purpose i.e. you spend extended periods at your desk. So ensure that when browsing you select the option that still gives you complete comfort, back support and adjustable mechanisms to work with your height and body shape.

Boardroom chairs

Eames Reproduction Executive Boardroom Chair

The boardroom or meeting room chair is synonymous with high powered decision making and stature. It’s the room where the execs go to make the important decisions and teams go to find those amazing solutions that turn the needle. That’s why, when you’re shopping for a boardroom chair you’re looking for something with more style than the standard ergonomic office chair. Even though it is a great option to find a chair that can work both ways, you do want to consider something a little lusher to hype up the new clients or get the team feeling a little more inspired.

Looking at a boardroom or office chair most of the time things like lumbar support and the ability for it to be height adjustable is not a consideration as you, your staff and customers will be spending an hour or two in the boardroom at a time, not a full 8-hour stretch.

Reception chairs

The reception chair can often be misconstrued with the waiting-room or visitor chair but is different in that it’s a slightly more luxurious option for a more corporate or business client. The reception chair is there to greet potential and existing customers, new hires or the to-be investor, so your aim is to provide a comfortable seating experience that speaks to your brand and identity.

The reception chair would generally be a standalone single unit that you can couple with a matched lounge or two to create a welcome atmosphere. Always keep in mind the number of people you’d expect in your reception and cater to that, as you don’t want potential high profile clients standing because of a lack of seating and you don’t want a large echoed space that seems empty. Try to find the balance.

Drafting chairs

A drafting chair is an office chair that has a taller seat height than normal chairs and also some type of footrest. The seat height will typically be around 76cm on most drafting stools and some chairs will have arm options, but some will not. The height on all modern drafting chairs is generally adjustable to cater for different use cases, shapes and sizes. Drafting chairs are used by trade, such as architects, designers and other draughtsmen.

Computer chairs

The term computer chair is just another name for what we refer to as an ergonomic office chair, as it serves the same function. The majority of ergonomic office chairs can be used in a desked computer setting and will provide the comfort, support and features for you to easily spend days working on your favourite excel spreadsheet. When buying a computer chair, look at the same features you’d expect from a great ergonomic chair such as lumbar support, adjustable back and seats and a high density moulded foam to make sure you’ve got the right posture and avoid aches and pains.

Waiting-room or visitor chairs

Above we discussed the reception chair and how you would select a chair that speaks to your brand and style. The waiting-room or visitor chair is a more practical decision and is more catered for your

Conference or training chairs

A conference, event or training chair is used at events where you have to seat a large number of people in a finite space. You’re therefore looking at a chair that is stackable and can fit in tightly next to each other to optimise the space. Always look for a good warranty and commercial-grade furniture to ensure longevity.

Lab or heavy-duty chairs

Your lab or heavy-duty chair is generally used in a commercial industrial work environment and needs to withstand all the spills and frills that go with the job. Lab chairs can come in varying shapes and sizes depending on the need, from a heavy-duty chair to the lab stool which allows for more height when working at a station.

Cafe chairs

There are two scenarios where a cafe chair is used, the one, at a cafe but the other is in an office breakout or meeting area. In either scenario, the aim is to find a chair that is both extremely comfortable and matches your decor, brand and style.

Folding chairs

The folding chair is often a subset of the conference or event chair, as its purpose is to be used in those settings. The benefit of the foldable chair vs the stackable chair is that you can store so many at a time, while the stackable chairs tend to be more sturdy.

Gaming chairs

The gaming chair has become one of the most popular types of chairs in the last couple of years with an enormous increase in the popularity of online gaming. Gaming or racer chairs are designed to allow the user to sit for extreme amounts of time without discomfort and therefore has even become popular for in-office use. These are very popular among developers in the office environment for the same reason gamers see benefits.

Sofas, lounges and collab furniture

Sonic Cali 2 seater lounge

To round off the types of office chairs on our list, sofas, lounges and collab furniture add a softer touch to the office space. Designed for reception and meeting/collaboration areas, these pieces add some style and extreme comfort.

Range and Options

At JasonL we believe in a modular approach to our offering which allows you to mix and match a range of options and find the perfect style, look and budget to suit your needs. If unsure of your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly staff will happily assist.

Fabrics and colours

Our in-house colours: Black, Blue, Grey
Other options include: Leather, Vinyl

Screens colours

  • Trendy Fabric
  • Orange Squash
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Green Moss
  • Deep Blue
  • Cool Grey
  • Moody Charcoal


We’ve got two options: Mesh and Fabric
The mesh option is more popular as it is more ergonomic as it curves to the spine of the user. It is breathable and great for hot climates or for people who suffer from the heat. The mesh is also a little more trendy these days and easy to clean.


Again we have two options: High-density and moulded
1. High-density standard cut foam - our standard form designed to contour around the body and is perfect for a full day of work.
2. Moulded foam - a thicker foam than the high-density cut foam which provides more support if you’re seated for extended periods of time.

The waterfall edge takes the pressure off the knees.


- 2-lever mechanism

Adjust the height of the seat

Back tilt to be adjusted

A manual mechanism that allows for the back height to be adjusted.

- 3-lever mechanism

Adjust the height of the seat

Back tilt to be adjusted.

Seat tilt to be adjusted.

3 lever mechanisms can have either a manual back adjustment or a ratchet back.

- Ratchet back

The ratchet back height adjustment gives lumbar support relative to stature. It allows for the height of the back to be adjusted while seated.

- Seat Slide

This is the forward/backward movement of the seat, giving various depth options of the seat pan. For a taller person, this will improve their posture by sliding the seat forward to create a deeper seat pan.

- Synchro or free flow mechanism

Synchro or synchronism movement allows the seat and the back to move together. This type of mechanism encourages blood flow and is thus seen as the most ergonomic of all the options.

The concept is if the user is sitting on their office chair they can increase the tension in the mechanism to support their weight but still allow movement in the back of the office chair.

Typically if a user is sitting on an office chair with this mechanism they would lock the mechanism in place while working and then release the mechanism when done. Automatic tension control is a very new type of mechanism that is now being used in a lot of the newly developed office chairs. This mechanism automatically adjusts the tension to the weight of the user and thus achieves the same aspect of the synchro mechanism above without having to manually adjust the tension control.


We have two types of arms;

Fixed Arms - standard arms that are not adjustable

Height-adjustable Arms - At JasonL we typically sell two types of height adjustable arms (black and chrome). The height-adjustable arms have a soft rubber padding and allow the arms to act as an extension to the desktop. Slouching or leaning to either side of the chair is an indication that the armrests are too low. Height-adjustable arms provide support to the forearms and elbows to avoid raising the shoulders.

Within the height-adjustable arms range you again have two options:

2D - 2-dimensional arms; arms will adjust up and down, and front and back

3D - 3-dimensional arms; arms will adjust up and down, and front and back as well as rotate horizontally.


Standard Nylon – Basic standard black plastic base

Standard Alloy – Basic standard base made from aluminium

Trend High Base – taller looking base. You can’t rest your feet on the trend base. There is no telescopic cover.

Trend High Alloy – Same as the standard trend, however, made from aluminium

Drafting - commonly used for bank tellers, standing desks etc. Allows the seat to go higher than a standard base. The drafting ring allows the feet to rest on it.

The reinforced gussets make these bases strong and durable, however, the Alloy is more aesthetically pleasing.


JasonL wheels are made from a material that is a cross between plastic and rubber. It is softer on the floors. The reinforced gussets make them stronger.


Industrial seating is made to take a beating. Made with Polyurethane, which is anti-flammable. Good for laboratories and similar harsh environments.

General Terms and Certifications

AFRDI LEVEL 6 - signifies that a chair should be able to withstand severe conditions of use such as office environments, police stations, military installations, control rooms etc.

AFRDI GREEN – a green tick approved product highlights how we have adopted sustainability as a working philosophy on the particular product from the materials used to the manufacturing process

Australian Made – the Australian made logo certifies that certain products of JasonL have been audited and passed the criteria

BIFMA certification - BIFMA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Waterfall Edge – curved to eliminate restricted blood flow to the lower leg 


You Beauty Managerial Mesh Chair

Ergonomics should be a non-negotiable when choosing an office chair. Here are some guidelines to help you pick the right one.

Your office chair should first and foremost be height adjustable because you won’t always have the same table and if you’re buying for your employees, they are definitely not all the same height, so this is a critical feature.

Check for adjustable brackets or a synchro mechanism on the chair as this will allow you to adjust the backrest to suit your task. The synchro mechanism is a must if you want more control in the tilt and posture of your day to day seat.

Other important factors to consider are:

  • Lumbar support:
  • Sufficient seat depth and width
  • Breathable material and sufficient padding
  • Get a chair with armrests
  • Easy adjustment controls
  • Easy movement with swivel and casters

Quality of Commercial Office Chairs & Home Office Chairs

Commercial office furniture, specifically desk chairs, are designed for sitting and comfortably working for long periods of time (an entire eight-hour workday).

There are definitely differences between home office furniture designed for commercial use vs. residential office furniture. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t buy commercial office furniture for a home office. In fact, there are many good reasons to invest in commercial-grade office furniture for your home.

Commercial Furniture Pros & Cons

Style: A variety of styles which are all designed specifically for organization and functionality for an office. Styles tend to consist of larger desks that may not fit properly in your home office.

Comfort: Office chairs are designed for comfort during an entire eight-hour workday. Larger ergonomic selection.

Durability: More durable as they are designed to be used every day for long periods of time and are required to be long-lasting in an office setting.

Quality: Furniture is made from high-quality materials and designed to last. Quality varies depending on price.

Cost: Because of the comfort, durability, and quality the furniture will most likely be more expensive than residential office furniture.

Selection: Most likely a smaller selection than residential furniture stores might have, however almost anything in the available selection would meet the needs of your home office.

Pros: Overall, better quality, more durable, and more appropriate for any office setting.

Cons: More expensive with less variety.

Residential Furniture Pros & Cons

Style: A larger variety of styles centred from an interior design perspective. Less functional for a work-from-home employee but will be suitable for a space for additional work brought home from the office or homework space for kids. Various size options are available to fit any room.

Comfort: More likely to be less comfortable after long periods of time at your desk.

Durability: Typically, less durable than commercial office furniture, however, this depends on the price you’re willing to pay. Metal will be more durable than fabric or wood.

Quality: Quality varies depending on price, but this furniture is usually constructed from lower-quality materials than commercial furniture.

Cost: It should be relatively simple to find office furniture within any price range; usually cheaper than commercial office furniture.

Selection: A larger selection of furniture, but numerous items that would not be suitable for a home office appropriate for a work-from-home employee.

Pros: Options are available across a wide range of prices, so there’s something available for even the tightest budgets.

Cons: Not all options are satisfactory for an office setting. They may lack in comfort, durability, quality, organizational needs, size requirements, etc.


shrike ergonomic mesh office chair

The Shrike Ergonomic Chair with mesh back support ensures ventilation, even if you are seated for long periods of time and its lumbar support ensures that your back is supported ergonomically.

You can easily adjust its tension to support you in your movement and its ratchet back height adjustment ensures that your back gets the priority it deserves. Available in black fabric with a standard nylon base, its moulded foam seat ensures that you work comfortably for hours. Use its height-adjustable arms to support your position while typing.

haworth zody task chair

Haworth Zody High-Performance Task Chair blends science-based wellness and comfort with global design. With a host of ergonomic refinements and a sleek, sustainable design, Zody offers comfort, scalability, and personal choices for any environment from workstation to boardroom.

The result of years of research in wellness and comfort, Zody balances superior lower back support with a timeless, inspired design to enable high performance for people at work.