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How do I know when my order will arrive?

Can I lay-by an item, or hold an item for a period of time before payment?

Can I pay by Money Order or Cheque?

How long does it take to confirm my payment?

I am having problems paying via my Credit Card?

I don't want to give you my Credit Card details, can I still purchase from you?

Is GST included in the item price or is it added at checkout?

Is your site secure for Credit Card purchases?

On my checkout screen there is a field for a Coupon Code. What is this and how do I get one?

What Credit Cards do you accept?

When will my credit card be charged?

Why was my Credit Card declined?

Free shipping store wide

Do you deliver to anywhere in Australia?

Can I pick-up from your warehouse?

How long will it take to receive my order?

How long after making payment will my order be shipped?

Does the delivery address have to be the same as my billing address?

Do you offer discounted shipping if I purchase multiple items on the same order?

I would like my delivery scheduled for a specific day and/or time. Is this possible?

Will you send via my chosen courier instead of your normal courier?

Do you offer international shipping?

What shipping options do you offer?

Is weekend or after hours delivery available?

My item hasn't arrived yet? Where is my item?

What does the delivery insurance cover?

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Which Carrier/Courier do you use?

How do I know when you have shipped my order?

What if I am not at home when you deliver my goods?

Can I send my own courier to pick-up from your warehouse?

Once I've made my Purchase, how long before I receive my item(s)?

When will my order be shipped?

Do you offer a drop-shipping service?

I received the wrong product!

I have received my item but it is damaged, what do I do?

Can I track the delivery progress of my order?

What if I need my item delivered by an urgent date?

How do I login to my account?

Why can't I login to my account?

Is there any way I can be notified of your special offers or newest stock arrivals?

What is an e-gift Voucher?

How long is it valid for?

What if the voucher amount is more than the product I am interested in?

What if the voucher amount is less than the product I am interested in?

What cannot be replaced or returned?

I just received my item, but it is faulty, what do I do?

Who pays for postage on return items?

I just received my item, but I find it uncomfortable and no longer want it. Can I change my mind and return it or exchange it?

Can I still return my item if I no longer have the original packaging?

How to return an item?

What cannot be replaced or returned?

I just received my item, but it is faulty, what do I do?

What does JasonL warranty cover?

Does an item I am looking to buy come with a warranty?

Can I transfer my warranty to someone else if I sell them the item I purchased from you?

Do you have options to upgrade warranty?

How do I care and clean my new JasonL Product?

How do I maintain the Aluminium in the product?

How often should I clean the Castors/Wheels?

How do I clean Chrome?

How do I remove stains from the Fabrics?

Do you offer to re-upholster?

How do I maintain the Gas Lift Mechanism?

How do I clean the Glass?

How do I clean Granite?

How do I clean Laminate?

How do I clean and maintain leather?

What if I by mistake spill or damage the product?

Why has my leather worn?

What should I avoid with leather?

How do I keep the paint finish on the products

How do I clean Perspex?

How do I clean Polypropylene?

How do I clean Powder coat?

How do I clean PVC?

How do I clean Stainless Steel?

How do I clean Perspex?

How do I clean Timber Veneer?

How do I clean Versiclad?

Do your products require assembly?

I am struggling to understand the assembly instructions

Do you offer an assembly and installation service?


What is a stand up desk?

Should I buy a stand up desk?

Are stand up desks good for my health?

How can I get the most out of my stand up desk?

How many calories can I burn with a stand up desk?

What should I look for when buying office furniture?

What height should my office desk be?

How much should I spend on office furniture?

What are the benefits of good office furniture?

Are ergonomic chairs better than non-ergonomic chairs?

How much should I spend on an office chair?

Should I buy an office chair with or without arms?

What is an ergonomic chair?

What is an ergonomic desk?

What's the best office under $100?

What is the most comfortable office chair?

Is it better to work sitting or standing?

What is the best home office chair?

What is standard office chair height?

How do office chairs work?

What is the best kind of office chair?

What is an affordable height adjustable desk?

What is the average height of an office desk?

What should I have on my office desk?

What's are the best plants to keep on my office desk?

How can I decorate my office desk?

How can I make my workstation ergonomic?

How much should I spend on an office workstation?

What is a multi-person workstation?

How much does a standing desk cost?

What if my office chair won't stay up?

Do I need a new desk?

How do I know when to buy new office furniture?

Which music will help me focus at work?

Can I play music at my desk?

Productivity and H.R.

How can I be more productive at work?

What is office culture?

How do I improve office culture?

What is an effective meeting?

How do you conduct an effective meeting?

What are the qualities of a good team?

What is a good boss?

How do I find the right job?

How do I decide what career is best for me?

How do I start a business?

How do I start a business with a small budget?

How do you successfully manage people?

How do you motivate your team?

What is team bonding?

Why is team bonding important?

What kind of music should I play at work?

Should I have coffee and tea in the office?

How do I eat healthy food at work?

How do I avoid workplace stress?

What is Carpal Tunnel?

What is workplace bullying?

How do I maximise space in a small office?

How do I avoid back pain at work?

What temperature should my office be?

Should pets be allowed in the workplace?

How should I present an office presentation?

What should I eat for lunch at work?

Should I eat breakfast at work?

How do I have tough conversations at work?

Should I ask my boss for a raise?

Should I change companies?

Office design

How can I improve my office space?

How do you build a good home office?

How do I make my office professional?

How can I maximise my office space?

What is an open plan office?

What is a closed office layout?

What is the most popular office layout?

Should I have an office?

Should I share an office?

What does it mean to have an open door policy?

Should I have an open door policy?

What is office etiquette?

How can I be polite at work?

How can I be punctual at work?

Why is it important to be on time to work?

Is my desk too cluttered?