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Office Storage?

Office Storage? Sorted!

Fed up seeing files, paper and stationary everywhere? Here at JasonL we offer a wide variety of office storage solutions to fit individual needs. No matter the environment; personal or corporate, we endeavour to deliver high quality, functional and stylish office storage products at affordable prices.

Having a cluttered office environment can have a major impact on your productivity, performance and motivation. Therefore choosing the right office furniture to clear the clutter and help organise your work environment is essential. Whether it is cupboard storage, filing cabinets or any other office storage supplies, we have you covered.

No matter the office space, big or small, our commercial grade office storage products functional, durable and secure and perfect for any office environment.

Perfect Pedestal Storage

Here at JasonL we share your need to have an efficient use of space and that means Pedestal Storage. An office wouldn’t be complete without one and JasonL boasts an impressive and unique range of incredible Office Pedestal Units that can be moved and maneuvered easily and to your convenience. Conveniently available in a wide variety of colours, and being as versatile as ever, office pedestals have never been more of a necessity to have in any office!

Don’t forget Office Filing Systems

You walk into an office and all you see are files and sheets of paper scattered all over the room, utter chaos. You walk out. With JasonL there is now no excuse for having a messy office thanks to our spacious and accessible filing cabinets. We offer quality in personal filing and storage that fits perfectly under your desk. With our quality, secure locking system, you will never have a more organised, spatially efficient or safe filing cabinet.

Easy Office Shelving

Office shelving is essential to add style and that finishing touch to any office or working space. With increased customisation to every single one of our office shelving, JasonL is excited to present our large array of products that are a must for the aesthetic appeal of any working environment, in need of efficient storage. With such variety on hand, be sure to contact our team here at JasonL to create the perfect office storage and shelving solution for your workplace.

Tambour Storage Units

With the innovation and finesse of a compact storage system, Tambour storage units deliver everything that any office storage space could ever dream of. JasonL’s range of Tambour storage units come with new secure locking systems that don’t compromise on the ease at which it can be used and just like all of our products, the versatility and customisation that will add that extra satisfaction to your day at the office.

Office Cupboard cabinets

Office Cupboard cabinets are an office’s best friend, whether you are trying to smarten up your working space with a compact and stylish cabinet, or just hide that bit of clutter that has been an inconvenience on your desk, JasonL’s enormous range of office Cabinets can do the job for you. Here at JasonL, we have a a great value range of smart modular, durable and functional cupboards in stock, for any office use imaginable. And there’s more! Along with the stylish cabinets, they are durable as ever and promise a warrantee of 5 years. Valuable, efficient and hassle free, what more could you ask for?

Functional in Office Storage, Privacy and Security

Our office storage systems are functional and durable whilst at the same time trendy in design. Whether you are moving offices or transporting equipment from one location to another, mobile caddies and pedestals are equipped with wheels to ensure any transportation is easy and effortless. Built with corrosion resistant metal to ensure durability, our storage units are a great way to add a pop of colour to your office design.

Concerned with leaving valuables around the office? No need to worry anymore. Keep your important documents and files in any of our secure lockable cupboards, metal lockers, draw units and other storage office units equipped with individual central locking systems.