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Hi, I'm the Magnetic Flipchart / Whiteboard in white, an affordable flipchart with a magnetic surface. I'm ideal for presentations and brainstorming sessions, and come with a 20 page pad, a four pen pack and an eraser. I include an integrated pen...
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Hi! I am the Magnetic Glass Flipchart / Whiteboard and I'm a practical and functional piece. Designed to keep your office announcements and reminders on display, I make collaboration a breeze. I'm durable with height-adjustable and lockable wheels, meaning you...
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I am the Mobile Magnetic Flipchart, height-adjustable up to two metres. I have a magnetic surface and a built-in pen shelf. Both the writing surface and paper gripper are adjustable for increased practicality. The flipchart pads are refillable with JasonL...
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    Turning ideas into a reality is not a linear process. It requires time, thinking outside the proverbial box and being agile enough to execute on both small and large concepts.

    When it comes to the agility of putting your ideas down, training or sharing evolving content the JasonL clipboards offer great flexibility and durability. Often PowerPoint is just not the right medium and more interaction is required. From office training, through to communication boards, we have it all covered in a simple flip of a page.

    As humans we're on a continual journey of learning and as such office training forms a strong pillar by which we are able to grow. Use one of the dynamic clipboards or flipboards for learning sessions.

    Our range of presentation boards offer manoeuvrability so you are not limited to one space and varying sizes depending on the number of people taking part in the vital knowledge building we all crave.

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