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Whiteboards & Presentation Boards?

Magnetic Eraser

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Magic Wipe

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Flipchart Pad

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Blackboard Porcelain

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Whiteboards? We're on it!

Would you like to know more about our whiteboards?

Communication is the key to business success. We believe that not only should every meeting and boardroom have a magnetic white board or glass board. Every available space in the office is an opportunity to communicate. If this is a little over the top for you, we suggest a mobile whiteboard or a combination whiteboard and pin board that can be easily stowed away. From cheap white boards, to large magnetic white boards we got it! If your looking for some funk, we can do any colour glass white board. If your looking for a vitreous enamel or porcelain white board, no probs. Just ask! At JasonL we offer a large collection of whiteboards that incorporate a number of features including magnetic surfaces, pen trays and mobile or wall fitting frames just to name a few. So, that’s just a little about our range of whiteboards. And don’t forget, we have a selection of mobile tables and office tables to complement any whiteboard you choose.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Ideas, brainstorms and the creations that are the basis for any company’s success all start on a whiteboard. JasonL have a variety of magnetic whiteboards

Mobile/Portable Whiteboards

JasonL’s mobile whiteboard are an absolute joy to have, wherever you need it, whenever. JasonL has the right mobile or portable whiteboard for any occupation. We offer the flexibility that you need, as well as the customisation of the whiteboards that will leave you satisfied. The best part…we promise effortless mobility and at least a 3 year warranty.

Vitreous Enamel/Porcelain Whiteboards

Vitreous Enamel/Porcelain white boards are made with the strongest material around, and therefore we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on this quality product. Being as sturdy as it is, it is suitable for any work or creative situation, even the most severe school or business environment. Contact the JasonL team to specify a Vitreous Enamel/Porcelain to your liking. As we like to show, we take our communication seriously!

Electronic/Interactive Whiteboards

Electronic whiteboards are perfect for any business or creative space, they can simply, bring your ideas to life. Whether in a classroom or boardroom, JasonL can bring help you realise the convenience and great experience of utilising this quality product.

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