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Mulyoto Pangestu

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Delivery and installation on time.



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Extremely happy with the desk, value for money, ordering process, delivery and assembly. I would highly recommend this business!

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Sunita Pattinson

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I bought an office desk and a student desk for my 6year old daughter. There was bit of wait due to the recent...

Introduction to Height Adjustable Workstations

Height-adjustable workstations are becoming more common in the workplace. These height-adjustable workstations allow for a simple transition from sitting to standing and vice versa. The investment in height-adjustable workstations pays off since it reduces avoidable back problems, improves employee performance, focus, and motivation, and reduces downtime.

Aside from the health benefits, height-adjustable workstations are said to boost worker productivity. Staying in one posture causes brain activity to slow, making us less productive over time. However, alternating between sitting and standing engages your body's major muscle groups, increasing blood supply to the brain. Workers who use sit-stand workstations generally report having more energy and less weariness, allowing them to be more productive.

What to Look for in Height Adjustable Workstations

When choosing a height adjustable workstation, be sure to look into all the possibilities and think about how your staff will use them.

First, consider the table's height and depth. The optimal height ranges from around 57 cm to 124 cm, while the ideal depth is just about 76 cm. However, the height and depth of a desk are largely a matter of personal preference.

You should also think about how easy it is to operate, since some utilise pneumatics and electricity, while others require hand cranks. These factors may also have an impact on noise levels while using a height-adjustable desk.

Features and Design

A good height adjustable workstation has a depth of 76 cm and a minimum and maximum height of 57 cm to 124 cm, as suggested by BIFMA. These specifications ensure that the desk can be used ergonomically by the majority of people. Another essential consideration is how it is raised and lowered. The most optimal way is to utilise electricity since it is the easiest, quietest, and most efficient to use.

The colours and functionality of most height adjustable workstations may be customised to match your company's branding. When there are many seats on a single workstation, dividers allow your employees to have their area.

Types of Height Adjustable Workstations

Debates about electric versus manual adjustable height workstations are common in today's environment since some individuals are confused about which is best. While some of it is personal taste, both desk layouts share some objective facts. Both workstations help you be more productive, thus they have certain similarities.

Electric Height Adjustable Workstations

When selecting between an electric and a manual standing desk, it is critical to first understand what an electric desk is and how it varies from a manual one. This type of workstation, like all things automated, is more user-friendly.

An electric standing desk, on the other hand, has more power and operates more quickly. The improved efficiency makes it more enticing to office workers who are just concerned with performance. Electric standing desks were often thought to be noisy and bothersome while changing height, but that is no longer the case.

One of the most significant drawbacks of electric workstations is their high cost. As technology increases, so are the costs associated with it. It's sad, but if you can afford to pay a little more for greater features, it's well worth it.

Because it is electrical, mechanical failure is possible if obtained from a low-quality manufacturer. These workstations can be harder to fix because most people lack the necessary technical knowledge. As a result, if you wish to get your height adjustable workstation checked out, you may require expert assistance. This is why you need to source your height adjustable workstations only from reputable and vetted sources, like JasonL.

Manual Height Adjustable Workstations

When it comes to hand-crank standing desks, there's a lot to discuss. It is also known as a manual desk, therefore it is the "manual." in disputes over electric vs. manual standing desks.

Because it is a manual workplace, there is no danger of an electrical or technical problem. The crane may malfunction, but any half-decent craftsman can fix it because it does not require a lot of technical knowledge.

This is not only easier to repair, but also less costly because the parts for a new hand crank are less expensive than those for a motor drive. However, the hand crank isn't the only item that's less costly; the complete workstation is, on average, less pricey.

As technology progresses, the cost of an electric standing desk lowers. Hand cranks are simple, but they assist to keep prices stable.

Because it is physically difficult to use, a hand crank standing desk may be a good choice for active living. With any standing desk, you can still do basic workouts like push-ups and squats, but turning the hand crank adds a little additional force to your calorie-burning endeavours.

Keep in mind that this is a slower motion than utilising an electric standing desk. Weak people may find it difficult to operate a hand crank standing desk.

Ultimately, the electric standing desk is the better option. The benefits of having an electric standing desk are just too many to mention! While the hand crank desk is less costly, most people should be able to afford the electric version.

Range and Options

The JasonL collection of height adjustable workstations comes in a wide range of colours, finishes, and seating capacities.

The height adjustable desks available rates depend on the seating capacity and any additional features. For example, the Stand Up - Manual Height Adjustable Desk White Frame starts at $899, up to $1,020 with a modesty panel add-on. 

There are also corner height adjustable desks that start at $1,373 to $1.443, depending on the table's size and add-ons, such as cable scallops.

For multiple seating, there's the Sit-Stand 6-Person Electric Height Adjustable T-Bench White Frame with Centre Screens ($6,999) which comes with 6 sit-stand desks and colour customizable centre screens for maximum focus and privacy. 


The study of how to work right in their circumstances is known as ergonomics. The purpose of office ergonomics is to provide you and your team with a pleasant working environment that promotes maximum productivity and efficiency.

When utilising a height adjustable workstation, individuals should alter and vary their postures every 30-60 minutes or so, avoiding protracted periods of sitting or standing. Remember that the best posture is the next one.

Even if you have an adjustable workstation, you are not immune to ergonomic danger. The right table height, keyboard and mouse height and location, monitor/s, phone, and so on are all critical. When seated, a height-adjustable table is frequently set excessively high, requiring lifted shoulders and other unnatural positions, increasing the risk of pain, weariness, and injury.


The sort of height adjustable workstation you select will be heavily influenced by seating capacity and privacy considerations. Don't worry, JasonL has something to offer that will meet your requirements.

Our height adjustable workplaces are manufactured from only the best materials and are meant to be not only safe to use, but also sturdy and long-lasting — with correct care and usage. This is true not just for exterior features like the tabletop and legs, but also for internal mechanics.

We are ISO-certified, which means that our products and services satisfy quality standards and that we work hard to reduce our ecological impact. We are also an Approved NSW Gov Supplier, which assures that our items fulfil government office furniture quality standards.

Shipping and Assembly

Our standard delivery service is accessible exclusively on the ground floor. The things will be delivered to the location if there are no impediments, such as stairs. Because items may come on pallets, clients must be able to collect or unload from them without the assistance of drivers.

We do, however, provide an upgraded delivery service that includes a door-to-door service with a two-man team to help you, as well as delivery to the ground and any level as long as lift access is available.

Clients can also request assembly services at a reasonable price. For a bespoke price on delivery and assembly, please contact us at 1300-874-053 or


You would most likely have less area to work with at home. This is why the sleek and trendy Sit-Stand Range - Stand Up Electric Height Adj Desk White Frame, which is ideal for home office and personal usage, is the finest choice for home use.

In a workplace where collaboration is essential, the Just Right Height Adjustable 3 Person 120 Degree Workstation, which fosters open communication and collaboration, is a good choice. If your employees require more time to concentrate, the Sit-Stand Range - 2 Person Stand Up Electric Height T Bench Black Frame is a perfect solution for ultimate seclusion.

In Summary

While both are excellent height adjustable desks in their own right, the electric one is preferable in most circumstances. The hand crank option should only be used if you are on a limited budget and need a new standing desk right now. Aside from that, the electric standing desk is the superior choice in every other area.

Of course, neither option is a bad choice. It's only that the electric standing desk is more efficient, so you'll see more of these on the market.

JasonL is an Australian furniture manufacturer that offers a wide selection of furniture such as chairs, tables, workstations, and so on. Customers may purchase all of our height adjustable workstations at the most affordable pricing, and we endeavour to give the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.