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Office Workstations?

Office Workstations? Oh Yeah!

Costs? Cut.

Our team at JasonL understands that your office workstation furniture is one of the most important considerations with fitting out your modern office. We are sensitive to our customers overall design, cost and functionality for any office workstation fitout, which is why we are dedicated to delivering the best range of high quality office workstation solutions Australia wide. Here at JasonL we make or import all our office workstation products which allows us to offer you a budget office furniture solution.

Our certified ergonomic commercial grade quality products provide the best comfort and style tailored to specific needs. Our customisable office desks allows you to adapt to any office formation whether it be for 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 6 people, we create configurations that will fit any space at affordable prices.

Functional? Fact.

Our office workstations are adaptable and functional due to our portable workbench desks being modular in design so whilst our work-benches are ideal for commercial office environments they also are very popular amongst students and studying environments because we are able to plan and create configurations that will fit any space. From rectangular to corner workstations and more, we can customize a solution to meet your specific needs so double desk layouts and 6 pod workstation formations can easily be achieved.

Our well-designed screens and partition panels aid the ‘think’ tank desk configuration, retain privacy and reduce noise in a stylish way using our desk based partition screens. Office workstation screens come in a variety of different colours and dimensions making for a trendy, groovy and functional office desk workstation.

We think office furniture is sexy and now so can you. Whether you are after a simple white corner desk from our Elements collection where nothing matters more than optimal space and comfort or a more design savvy product like the Litewall range with exposed screws for the more industrial overall look- we have it covered.

Under Desk Storage? Solved.

Height adjustable legs and desk benches are just a standard feature for all JasonL products because we know everyone is different. Our height adjustable office workstations not only offer flexibility to our customers so they can eliminate their stagnant position and increase mobility throughout the day, but also provide the perfect height position for added storage units below each individual office workstation.
At JasonL we offer a range of Mobile Caddy and Mobile Pedestal products that easily slide under any office workstation for extra storage. Other features that can be added to office workstations are built- in cable tray systems to organize electrical wiring, accessory racks and monitor arms.


Why is it so important to have the right office work desk solutions? Because in any office work environment employees are the engines that keep the company running. Smart organization understand that employee satisfaction can increase productivity. In today’s trend towards the more modern designed environment; the collaborative open plan workspace, individual creativity is such an important element in retaining this individual progress. Therefore creating an optimal physical environment in the workspace can assist in the formation of an effective workforce, increase productivity and boost creativity.