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Mulyoto Pangestu

Mulyoto Pangestu

@Mulyoto Pangestu - 1month(s) ago

Delivery and installation on time.

Brian McGrath

Brian McGrath

@Brian McGrath - 5month(s) ago

Couldn't fault. Everything went perfectly

Michael Rembach

Michael Rembach

@Michael Rembach - 7month(s) ago

Great selection of chairs - I bought some for the whole family. Given COVID it was click and collect and that was relatively...

Frequently Asked Questions about Education Furniture

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What range of education furniture do you sell?

    At JasonL we have a range of furniture options from chairs to desks, including whiteboards, desks and power management options suited for every educational institution.
  • How do I know when my order will arrive?

    You will receive a set of automated emails from JasonL as your order progresses through our warehouse.
  • Is GST included in the item price or is it added at checkout?

    GST is already included in the item price so there are no surprises when you complete your purchase.
  • Is your site secure for Credit Card purchases?

    Yes it is. We employ the best technology and software including secure encryptions to ensure your shopping experience is a safe one.
  • Do you deliver education furniture to anywhere in Australia?

    Yes, we ship Australia wide. Please note it is our company policy, that if there is no lift access, due to the nature of our products all products will be left at ground level. Should you require the items be placed on your level an additional charge of $20.00 per item, will be incurred.
  • Can I pick-up from your warehouse?

    Yes, We have no problem allowing you to pick up your goods straight from our distribution warehouse in Sydney. Choose, the pick up option during checkout.

Education Furniture

Furniture plays a key role in the effectiveness of learning. Factors such as comfort, posture and support of students, all of which, contributes positively towards a student’s ability to concentrate and work.

This is something that we at JasonL take very seriously, which is why we provide high-quality education furniture to ensure that learning flourishes in the classroom.

Improved Productivity

Furniture that’s optimised for educational purposes should be both ergonomic and comfortable. This allows students to focus better on the task at hand instead of being distracted by an uncomfortable seating arrangement. In turn, this means that they’ll get through more work and progress faster.

Adaptable Furniture

Modern methods of teaching incorporate numerous different styles, so we need furniture that can adapt to each of these. Schools can no longer afford to build separate rooms for science or for ICT, so we have to ensure that the furniture we use can do it all.

Education Furniture must also be flexible in terms of functionality. In other words, it has to complement the curriculum. Educators and designers feel that classrooms of today have become active learning environments. This requires portable (in weight and design) chairs that students of all age groups can quickly and easily move, arrange, stack and store.

Recommended Education Furniture

The Quadro Loop Leg 4 Person Workstation is a modern and reliable desk for a hard-working team of four. It has a smooth, laminate desktop finish that exudes professionalism and style, and offers ample space for all electronics, accessories and files.

The Shrike Ergonomic Chair with back support has a mesh back that ensures ventilation, even if you are seated for long periods. Its lumbar support ensures that your back is supported ergonomically.