Height Adjustable Desks

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The adjustable height mechanism on these office desks allows you to sit or stand for added comfort and health benefits. Add monitor arms, a desk return or a mobile pedestal for a complete workspace.

Height Adjustable Desks
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Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a height adjustable desk work?

    A pneumatic counterbalance standing desk uses a gas cylinder to assist lifting the work surface. Using the same concept, the spring tension of a counterbalance facilitates the raising the desk. Gas or fluid flows through or around the piston from either side, equalizing the pressure on both sides.
  • How do I choose an adjustable desk height?

    Select a desk that adjusts at least as low as the shortest sitting elbow height and at least as high as the tallest standing elbow height; If you're unable to accommodate a shorter user, consider adding a footrest or an adjustable height keyboard tray to your workstation.
  • Do height adjustable desks increase productivity?

    Studies have shown that workers who used standing desks were more productive, comfortable, and healthy at work. Significant results include: 88% of participants who received the adjustable workstations reported that they were convenient to use. 65% reported increased productivity.