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Igor Cicimov

Igor Cicimov

@Igor Cicimov - 3day(s) ago

Fast delivery and quality product. The kids work/computer desk came securely packed and was easy to assemble following the supplied instructions. Very happy...

Kiryu Belmont

Kiryu Belmont

@Kiryu Belmont - 20day(s) ago

Seriously blown away by how good this company is. The desk I relieved is SO well made and top quality and the price...

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall

@Amanda Marshall - 20day(s) ago

Great products and prices. Ordered my blue felt vision board for my karate dojo. Product looks great on the wall, and very easy...

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What is an Office Fitout?

An office fitout is a term that is usually used to describe a process to make an interior space suitable for the employees of an office. Fitting out an office looks different for every company, as business owners use it to evoke the brand message or ethos of a business. 

However, it can be a difficult task to do alone as there are so many different factors to take into account. If it’s done incorrectly, it can cost your business quite a lot of money. 

Luckily for you, fitting out your office doesn’t have to be something that you need to do alone. We have a vastly experienced team at JasonL who will work with you every step of the way. We understand that keeping up with office design trends can be costly so have developed a high-quality, affordable and reliable range. 

We guarantee you’ll be happy with the finished product, which will be an entirely customised office fitout that will last for years to come. 

Why is an Office Fitout Important?

An office fitout is one of the most underrated focuses for many business owners, but the reality is that it matters. You've probably heard of the saying that "first impressions last." Your office design and layout is the first thing that a potential customer sees when they enter your workplace. There's a really good chance that they're looking around at things like your furniture, your choice of artwork, how clean your office is.

It's not just about having helpful, friendly employees, a potential customer wants to deal with a business that looks organised.

Now that we've mentioned employees, you also want them to be in a healthy and happy workspace that entices them to do their best. When you, your employees, and your customers are at ease, your business can flourish.

Office Fitouts Tell A Story

Practically every business has a story to tell. For example, does your business do things quickly? Is your business innovative? Then you want your workspace to have a modern touch, with bright lighting and clean lines. When a customer visits your business for the first time, they should feel that excitement when walking through the front door

From furnishings to wall art, every part of your space tells a story that draws your clients into your business. The right story will enhance your sales. The wrong one can send them to your competitors.

Office Fitouts Affect Your Employees

Your employees spend more time at work than they do in their own homes. If your workspace is cluttered & overcrowded, it may cause them to feel stressed. Productivity often suffers in poorly designed workplaces.

Remember, you're not only doing the office fitout to please your customers visiting your business. You're improving it for the people that work there as well.

A well-designed office increases productivity, reduces sick time, and fosters community. Proper lighting, comfortable and flexible workspaces, adjustable chairs, and ergonomic furnishings can promote a healthy office environment.

The Office Fitout Process (Aspects to consider)

Meticulous Planning

Successful office fit-out ideas begin with meticulous preparation to ensure that the office fit-out is done in accordance with your vision and schedule. Brainstorm what fundamentals your new office needs. Create a list of ‘must have’ and ‘optional’ items. Involve your employees in the process as this will help to pick up on things that could be forgotten.


Your budget will determine what you can and cannot do. Make sure that you're realistic as well, this will help you pick the right furniture and decor for your space.

Space & Colour

It's important to factor this in early. At the start, an empty office might look massive, however, once you start adding furniture, a boardroom, a kitchen, and more, the big space will soon seem insignificant. 

Consider the footprint of each addition to your workplace when considering your office fit-out ideas. However, it is necessary to understand the practicality, end-use and room considerations that these additions would provide for your office. Can the importance they bring to your office’s fit-out outweigh the possible lack of room for other places of your office? 

Try to choose a colour scheme that is soft, welcoming and up-to-date. Darker colours will make your office look smaller while choosing a brighter colour palette will creatively free up your office. Choosing the right colour palette has been proven to boost staff cohesion and increase productivity.


Make sure the technology department is active in the workplace fitout. Your IT experts are in the right place to consult on what they need now and what they may need in the future. Work to discreetly hide cables to enhance the tranquillity and flow of your office room.

Brand Awareness 

Incorporate the concepts of your brand into your workplace fitout. Just like your website is your online presence, your office can connect and show your brand to any new client you visit. Work with colour and signage to keep the name at the centre of your office space. Consider the subtle details, while they may not be immediately visible, they can help to create a feel for your company, not just for your staff, but also for your clients.


Choosing your office furniture when there are thousands of options available can be a challenging task. Choose furniture that is durable, that should be practical but still strong enough to survive everyday use. The right furniture should feel right in your room, not too big, not too little. 

Have your team members test various solutions to see which parts are the most ergonomic. The best office chair can guarantee that your staff members will function easily at their desk with minimal to no pressure. Choose furniture that will serve to minimise noise emissions as this will reduce stress and discomfort on the staff.

Future Proof

Is your company expected to take on new staff 5members in the near future? Will your company take on new projects that will need a more open workspace? Future-proofing your office now might save your company precious time.

Pay attention to the lighting 

pay attention to lighting when doing your fitout

Lighting may have an effect on success, fitness, mood, well-being and depression. Take a walk through the office and take note of places that are not getting enough sun. Natural light is desirable, but this is not feasible for all spaces, particularly indoor offices and cubicles. Consider obtaining overhead lights that mimic natural light or sunshine desk lamps for these rooms.

Introduce greenery

In addition to environmental protection, putting your workers in the workplace will make your employees less distracted, more active, improve morale and also help to retain memory.

The Office Fitout Process

Create a Vision

Before you start your office fitout, you need to have a clear idea of what you want and where you want to be in the future. You need to figure out what your growth plans are, is your new office space primed for expansion, is it attractive to customers?

Other things to consider are where your target customer base is located, is it easy for your employees to get to and from work and is your new space accessible for your suppliers?

Do Your Research

More and more companies are beginning to realise that, in order to be more successful, the role that the workplace plays for them has got to change. Most companies are unaware of the huge cost savings and other benefits of workplace optimisation and are missing out.

It’s important that you understand why you want to move and to go through an office fitout, it needs to support your business objectives. Also, make sure that you do a storage audit to make sure that the new office space meets all your necessary requirements.

Sort Out Your Budget

An office fit-out budget, relocation budget, and refurbishment budget are among the most costly business expenses you are likely to encounter. An effective budgeting process involves a rigorous and exacting approach that spreads across the entire business. Here are some of the factors to take into account:

  • Occupancy Costs
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Advisory fees
  • Migration fees
  • Soft costs (Recruitment/redundancy costs, travel expenses etc)

Choose a Team To Assist You

Select your in-house project coordinator

Be under no false illusions, if you try managing the project yourself, it will mean that you will take your eye off the day-to-day running of the business. It will add another responsibility to your already hectic workload. Having a single ‘champion’ for the office fit-out can put your mind at ease, knowing that your responsibilities are under control and going to plan.

Other team members that should be considered to join your team include:

  • Commercial agent
  • Managing Director
  • Financial Director
  • Facilities Director
  • Office Manager
  • IT Director
  • Operations Director
  • Marketing Team
  • Human Resources
  • Administration and PA’s

The Design Process

Now that you've done the research, the design process is the exciting part. However, to get to a clear design idea, you need to establish a few things, such as:

  • Block Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Stress Control
  • Acoustics
  • Productivity
  • Colour

We get into more detail in our office fitout checklist, so be sure to download it to get access to all of our useful tips to ensure that your office fitout is a success.

The Actual Fitout

Now that you’ve done all your due diligence and your designs have been finalised, it's time to start with the fitout. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that everything runs smoothly:

Have an IT Relocation Plan

Work with your IT department to develop an IT Relocation plan. Who is going to manage the move of your IT and telephony, and make sure it all works.

Project Management

Make sure that your fit-out specialist will commence the site set-up procedure upon the agreed access date to the site or work area. Ensure that there are clear lines of communication between all parties. Try and schedule regular site progress meetings to discuss health & safety, any design amendments, cost changes and the general progress of the fitout.

The Move

The relocation of your business assets and staff can be daunting. Here are some things to keep in mind to help the move go smoothly:

IT Equipment

Do you need to speak to the IT and Telecoms company regarding the movement of technical equipment? Your IT and telecommunications equipment is key to the continued running of your business and the decommissioning and relocation of these times should be considered before anything else.

Boxes & crates

Organise all the necessary crates for everyone to move the belongings, and ensure you have plenty of labels.

Occupation plan

Make an occupation plan for the new office (who goes where and who gets what).


Consider your requirements for off-site storage and archiving requirements. Marketing material - Liaise with the marketing team to ensure that all marketing collateral is updated including stationery, website and brochures etc.

Communication plan

Organise a communication plan to the staff, customers, suppliers and service providers.

On arrival in the new office:

  • You will need a test plan to check all equipment (phones, computers, networks, printers etc.)
  • Check for condition of new offices on arrival (take photographs to validate move-in condition)
  • Have a representative from each department on location during the move to ensure everything finds its right home as it gets delivered
  • Set up a ‘lost & found’ area at both sites
  • Keep a supply of refreshments available on both sites
  • Distribute access cards and keys to all staff
  • Ensure that the office relocation project leader signs off each part of the move.
  • Create a welcome pack for the staff so that they know how to use the new offices. It may be appropriate to include such things as where the stationery is located, how to use the telephones and instructions as to how to set up the task chairs for example.
  • Ensure that your fitout specialist provides the O & M manuals for advice on the products and services provided including the maintenance requirements for the equipment. 

Once you have relocated into your new office:

  • Review - Following your relocation or refit, it is essential that you review what you have achieved and measure this against your original objectives.
  • Evaluate the partnership - Evaluate how well your partnership with the fit-out specialist has worked.
  • Consider the benefits - Analyse the business benefits that you have achieved through the office fit-out, do they meet the objectives that you set out to achieve at the beginning?
  • Other improvements? - Discuss these with your D & B specialist as there may be further (quick and simple) enhancements that you can make that will further improve your working environment.
  • Throw a party! - Once you are enjoying your new working environment, it is an opportune time for publicity as you have something exciting to show your clients. Invite them to visit your new offices to see the investment you have made in your staff and clients. 

Companies We've Done Office Fitouts For

Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco Office Fit-out

Our friends at Rufus and Coco speak our language and values. We worked in conjunction with Forma Projects to deliver a space that embodies their brand - modern and professional yet cheeky and fun. The JasonL furniture was chosen to fit in the space and complement its surroundings.

What we did

The Rufus and Coco office is a refurbished terrace that has different sized rooms. We provided open plan workstations with breakout space options throughout the salon and gave it a facelift by using chic furniture to complement the vibrant tones in the space.

Flight Centre Head Office

Flight Centre Head Office

Flight Centre came to us in need of an Office furniture & Fitout specialist. They required a company with Australia wide capability that could support and deliver small to large scale fitouts across their multiple locations. The Melbourne Head office was delivered and assembled within 4 weeks. JasonL's core value of fast work, smart work came to fruition. Our sales manager with the support of a local - on - the - ground Melbourne project manager, worked together to deliver the project.

What we did

We provided custom boardroom solutions with power and cable management, right through to the reception areas. Lux single and double seater featured in the reception areas accompanied by Kody and Talant coffee tables. We completed the boardrooms with our JasonL glass board which has a lifetime warranty.

Smorgan Gutman Group

Smorgan Gutman Group Fitout

Smorgan Gutman Group put their faith in JasonL to help them develop a spec fitout that best showcased their newly refurbished building. We fitted out an entire floor with a modern, collaborative design focus whilst still maintaining the existing building's charm.

What we did

Our team of experts recommended some of our most popular collaborative furniture, which was ultimately well-received, allowing the building to be leased in a matter of weeks. Once leased we then worked on the rest of the building replicating the original floor's success.

Office Fitouts? Fast!

We have trained office fitout experts across the East Coast through our store network. Our people can help you from product selection, floor plans to project management and delivery. 

We provide a tailored set of stocked products meaning we don't rely on a local supply base we import direct or manufacture 95% of all the products you will require. This allows us to be your one-stop shop with lead times from express 3-5 business day deliveries to 7-10 business days for larger fitouts.