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Our range of portable office partitions is one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to divide a room.

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@KRISTINA RHEE - 4month(s) ago

Extremely happy with the desk, value for money, ordering process, delivery and assembly. I would highly recommend this business!

Belinda Turner

Belinda Turner

@Belinda Turner - 5month(s) ago

What an awesome business, reasonably priced, professional dealings and fast speedy and friendly delivery. The delivery team even put the furniture together for...

Brian McGrath

Brian McGrath

@Brian McGrath - 6month(s) ago

Couldn't fault. Everything went perfectly

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I divide my office space?

    Dividing up an ample space into smaller, dedicated zones may be what you need to provide an adequate foundation for office efficiency and productivity.
  • How do office partitions keep people safe?

    Office partitions divide up space and create a physical barrier between staff and visitors, so they must keep a distance from one another. By keeping them apart, the likelihood of airborne transmission of illness or disease is reduced considerably.
  • Do office partitions help to increase productivity

    Yes, office partitions will help your employees to focus by offering fewer distractions and in some cases, noise reduction as well.

View our portable room dividers, mobile partitions, portable privacy screens and temporary walls. We stock temporary or semi-permanent solutions be used to create meeting rooms, training rooms, break out areas, privacy rooms, waiting rooms & galleries.