Prospa - Darlinghurst, NSW
  • Client: Prospa
  • Location: Darlinghurst, NSW
  • Year: 2022

"What JasonL and his team do to do help you research and find the right products is they'll actually ship something on site and let you try before you buy ... using the product before buying really helps with your research"

Alison Binskin - Head of Business Enablement at Prospa

Prospa - Darlinghurst, NSW

The Prospa team moved into a one level office in 2016. They then grew rapidly and upgraded their business to 3 floors. Their main goal was to create an easily accessible space where teams could collaborate and also find a place to take some downtime in such a fast-paced work environment, accommodating each and every single staff member - we managed to bring this vision to life. We've helped them from the onset and have now added onto their initial design by creating a space with workstations and stand-up desks along with many collaborative areas and breakout spaces. Everyone on the team will now have ample space to work in and get their creative juices flowing!
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The Team on This Project

  • Jason Levin
    Title: Chief Ergonomic Officer
  • Julian Naidoo
    Title: Showroom Manager
  • Femil Bautista
    Title: Interior Designer and Estimator
  • Juliana Klumpp
    Title: Project Manager
  • Christopher
    Title: Inbound and Inventory Leading Hand
  • Tedy Koswara
    Title: Senior Estimator

Products Used for the Prospa Fitout!

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