INFOGRAPHIC: Pets in the workplace

dogs and animals at work - reduce stress infographic


1. The Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Pet to Work
The Balance Careers

2. Pets at work policies proving beneficial for both humans and dogs
ABC News

3. The Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work
USC University of Southern California

4. Let Your Office Go to The Dogs: Increase Your Productivity
All Business

5. Why Taking Pets to Work Enhances Productivity & Improves Mood

6. Dogs in the Workplace: A Review of the Benefits and Potential Challenges
PMC US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

7. Paws for thought: why allowing dogs in the office is a good idea
The Guardian

8. Healthy Pets and Healthy People
CDC Features

9. Can Your Pet Help You Be Healthier?
Heart Attack and Stroke Symptoms

10. Taking a Walk May Lead to More Creativity than Sitting, Study Finds
American Psychological Association




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1 comment

Everyone should have their pet in the office, for their sake and the pets.

Paul Ryan

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