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INFOGRAPHIC: The Different Manifestations Of The Standing Desk


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  • David on

    Hey I have a Sky High standing desk, which I have been using for about a year now.
    I am 6 fot 1 inch tall and the highest setting of the desk (especially when I stand on a foam mat I bought from Human Tools) is not high enough.
    104 is the highest marked setting, and I go past that to about 105.5.
    If I put my arms at right angels as suggested, I need about 10 more cm to be able to have the desk at the right height.
    What do you suggest?
    E.g. I have the foot pads extended all the way already, could you perhaps send me some extra long foot-pads with another 10 cm of thread on them?



  • Johann du Plessis on

    I will be looking for 2 (may be 3) white u-shaped descs in the upper class (in other words it is not for clerks but for managers). On top of one of the side tables I would like a 3-tier book case plus 1 or 2 4-drawer units and a waste paper basket. If possible there must be some sort of channeling to hide away any computer cables. On the under side of the tables there must be 2 or 3 electricity power outlets. Can you cater for this configurations?
    Thank you in anticipation
    JohannChris Accountants

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