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Did you know that office plants can have positive impacts on the health and productivity of you and your employees? Browse through our wide selection below.

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Brian McGrath

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Couldn't fault. Everything went perfectly

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Roy Catanzariti

@Roy Catanzariti - 9month(s) ago

Highly recommend. Quality products. Quick turnaround between order and delivery.

Sunita Pattinson

Sunita Pattinson

@Sunita Pattinson - 9month(s) ago

I bought an office desk and a student desk for my 6year old daughter. There was bit of wait due to the recent...

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you maintain an office plant?

    Make sure that you water it regularly as that's key to the plant's growth. Natural lighting is another factor that helps in the growth of plants. Also, change pots as it grows.
  • Is it good to have plants in the office?

    Office plants help increase productivity and replenish focus. People spend longer in spaces with biophilic designs, and workplace happiness improves when natural elements are introduced.
  • How often should my plant be watered?

    Most indoor need watered every 1-3 weeks. You should monitor your plant and water when they need it, rather than on a schedule. Frequency of watering will depend on the size and type of plant, size and type of pot, temperature, humidity and rate of growth.