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Belinda Turner

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Brian McGrath

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Couldn't fault. Everything went perfectly

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Lesley Boldt

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Great customer service!

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are decorative pots?

    Cachepots (usually pronounced as 'cash-pohs') are generally decorative pots for indoor plants, made from different materials such as glass, metal, or ceramic. For plastic pots used outdoors, large drainage holes are placed at the bottom near the sides of the base. These holes allow water to flow out and even back in.
  • How do you use decorative bowls?

    Take decorative bowls for instance. They look good on coffee tables, console tables, on bookshelves and just about any other place you put them. The other day I was shuffling some of my accessories around and put a decorative bowl on the coffee table and one on the console table in the dining area.
  • How do you use decorative pots for plants?

    Put a saucer inside the decorative (cache) pot and place the grow pot on the saucer, if space allows. If required, you can raise the height of the plant so it sits better in the pot by adding some pebbles or hydro granules at the bottom of the planter.