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Looking for banquet & event chairs for your next function? From stacking chairs, flip chairs, folding chairs and more, browse through our wide range below and find the right ones for your venue.

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Mulyoto Pangestu

Mulyoto Pangestu

@Mulyoto Pangestu - 2month(s) ago

Delivery and installation on time.

Maria Kani

Maria Kani

@Maria Kani - 3month(s) ago

My son and I saw Julian in the South Melbourne Showroom. Julian was very friendly and helpful in assisting us in selecting a...



@KRISTINA RHEE - 4month(s) ago

Extremely happy with the desk, value for money, ordering process, delivery and assembly. I would highly recommend this business!

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the importance of adding furniture to your event?

    -It will enhance your theme. -You will make guests feel comfortable. -It creates flow. -You can expand your space.
  • How do you set up an event chair?

    Chairs are placed directly next to each other forming multiple uniformed rows with all guests facing forward. No tables are utilized in this setup. Similar to how a movie theatre is set up, this setup works great for meetings, orientations, and product launches where not much note-taking is needed.
  • Why is seating arrangement in an event important?

    A smart seating style sets the tone for your event and helps guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Here's our quick guide to the most popular seating arrangements, so you can make a confident choice next time you're planning something special.