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Office Chairs Seating?

Office Chairs / Seating? Check!

JasonL firmly believes that the importance of your personal office chair can often be understated. You spend more time in that one single chair than anywhere else throughout your day, and if you plan on working long hard shifts, day by day, then a comfortable, a solid office chair with ergonomic technology is vital to your health and performance.

Here at JasonL Office Furniture we know more than a thing or two about Ergonomic Office Chairs of which we dedicate to help you! We deliver a large variety of office chairs in any work place that caters for the individual’s needs, while at the same time creating that stylish aesthetic appeal that will leave everybody happy and comfortable in any environment.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Our Ergonomic Office Chairs are designed to help you perform at the peak of your potential while maintaining your health and looking great! We stock a large variety of height adjustable office chairs that will leave you open to endless options of pure quality and comfort.

Making the Sit Stand Job a Breeze

All of our Drafting chairs and stools are crafted with ergonomic technology and for anybody that has experience in drafting understands the tedious nature and long hours of sitting/standing at your desk. With JasonL’s innovative designs there is now no need to feel uncomfortable, with AFRDI certification and customisable options, our Drafting Chairs and stools will reassure you that the quality of your chair will match the quality of your work.

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh chairs always guarantee a look of simplicity and modernism that you might lose with other styles of chairs. JasonL offer lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable and well-circulated mesh chair designs that will leave any other office or desk chair in its wake, no matter what the environment.

JasonL Boardroom Chairs

With Boardroom chairs, an executive look and feel are necessities. Which we at JasonL deliver! Fitted with ergonomics, a variety of materials and the style to take your office that one stop further, our slick boardroom chairs will leave you confident and comfortable that everyone is happy.

Operator / Task Chairs.

Operator chairs demand the durability and comfort that will help you maintain the quality of your work after months and years of use. Crafted in Australia with customisable options, you will be sure to enjoy quality and style that will compel you to excel in any situation.

Waiting Room / Visitor Chairs

While you want to be comfortable and enthusiastic in your office chairs, you need your customers to share that same enthusiasm, after all, if they are uncomfortable, how long will they stick around for? Through JasonL’s extensive range of comfortable and stylish Ergonomic waiting and breakout chairs, you and your clients will sit comfortable knowing that they will be back for more.

Executive Office Chairs

When images of executive office chairs enter your mind, you think comfortable, stylish and elegant. JasonL is what you need, with our customisable and exciting range of executive chairs, you will look and feel as classy as the impressive chair you are residing in.

Training / Conference Room Chairs

Nobody likes the long tedious training sessions. But nobody said that they had to be uncomfortable as well. With JasonL’s large variety of custom ergonomic training and conference room chairs, your trainees will be comfortable and enthusiastic whenever they have the chance to take part in a training session.

Meeting Room Chairs

A meeting room is a place where innovative ideas flow and serious business gets done. Serious business needs some serious, and we mean serious, furniture. With JasonL’s extraordinary range of meeting room chairs, any meeting space will be filled with custom coloured, stylish and comfortable chairs that will leave you ready to get down to the dirty work.

It’s all about the industry.

Anybody with industrial experiences understands the lack of glamour in the necessary job that you do, day in and day out. However, our team at JasonL realises that support and durability that you need. Which is why our heavy duty industrial chairs with our ergonomic features can be trusted to keep you going, in any sort of business for any amount of time.