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Office Desks? Done!

At JasonL we have one of the widest ranges of affordable Office Desks Sydney has to offer. Why? Because we know that choosing a desk whether it is for the office or home environment is a personal choice, takes time and can be expensive. Whether you come in-store or browse online our friendly staff at JasonL Office Furniture are here to make selecting the perfect office desk hassle free.

Our high quality modern office desks are versatile in both design and size allowing you to choose the best office furniture for your environment. Welcome clients with a stylish reception desk as they walk in so they have something to talk about on their way out. As they say a reception desk is a representation of the business as a whole, and we say we have you covered.

L-Shaped Office Desks

With corner and L-shaped office desks, the name of the game is versatility and adaptability. At JasonL Office Furniture we guarantee to deliver this to you with our natural style and customisation which we know can fit any individual in any working environment. Our variety of colours, shapes and sizes on offer are bound to improve the aesthetics of any space or office.

JasonL are dedicated to providing you with the best products and options. Coinciding with this, every single one of our L-shaped and corner desk come with at least a 10 year guarantee, matched with unparalleled commercial quality that will leave you beaming at your office fix, unlike any other.

Standing Office Desk or Height Adjustable Desks

We all know that sitting all day is not great for your overall health but how can you stand all day either. At JasonL we have the perfect solution with our Height Adjustable / Standing Desks offering the best of both worlds. The Stand-up height adjustable desk frame allows the employees to sit or stand throughout the day thus increasing movement and creating a healthier work environment.

Straight, simple and stylish

On the other hand, a straight desk may be better suited to your office environment or simply your personal preference. Choose from a variety of ergonomically sound and modern straight office desks and don’t worry an added storage mobile caddy or pedestal can help you with any extra storage requirements.

So whether you are choosing a desk for the home or office environment or any other area such as the kitchen, break out rooms or reception area, our range of high quality office desks are the perfect solution to transform any office into a modern, functional and trendy workplace.

Our Reception Desks

When you walk into someone else’s offices for a meeting what’s the first thing you see? It’s the reception desks that sit out in front, a representation of the business as a whole. From this we can assume that the reception desk is the most important piece of office furniture bar none. So we need to ask the question: how much thought are you putting into reception desks?

At JasonL we believe that the right reception desk sets the tone for your entire office space. Sure, you might have a piece of funky office furniture in the back corner, but that will mean nothing if you have outdated and out of place reception desks.

From large factory reception desks to more compact and sleek reception counters and units, JasonL have a range of reception desks that make a great first impression. Our reception desks are guaranteed to suit your business and budget.

People judge books by their cover; make the impression that only a JasonL reception desks can make.

Executive Office Desks

If you were to have one piece of furniture that made a statement for the individual and the business, it would be an executive desk! You need an executive desk that does all the talking before you even start. You mean business, you are stylish, lustrous and your middle name is Success. JasonL is on the same page as you.

JasonL strongly believes that any executive needs the right, personalised executive desk. Our desks are crafted in Italy, which means the quality and the style are in a league of their own. We offer unparalleled space and class that promises to replicate and emphasise that classy touch which we pride ourselves on. And we want to share that with you!