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Want to make your Office Environment Healthier? Follow these tips

Your work life is 1/3 of your day and to need to be as healthy as your home. We usually have little control over the space we work in but being aware of problems that can affect us will enable us to take corrective measures and may encourage the creation of stimulating and nurturing environments. Below are 5 Tips that will help to provide an office that is balanced and conducive to good health and well-being, which will ultimately benefit your health and the health your company. 

Healthy eating in the office

Many offices now keep fridges which a small stock of food to offer to employees. Employers should stop offering chocolate bars and other unhealthy snacks; rather offer lots of fruit and other healthy food options. Even if your office does not supply food, promote healthy office around the workplace. Companies such as the Heart Foundation can help you create a plan to keep your employees fit and healthy. You should also ensure that there are always healthier options available when the office has group lunches or group drinks. Studies have shown that healthier workers have increases productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Filtered water

By offering filtered water in your workplace, workers will be kept happy and healthy. Offering cold filtered water has proven to cause employees to drink more water throughout the day, not to mention that the water is healthier for them to drink. With employees drinking more water, it deters them from drinking unhealthier options and will reduce sickness in the workplace.

Air conditioning

Temperatures in the office being too hot or too cold are a very common complaint among staff in the workplace. Workers lose their productivity if the air temperature is not set correctly at between 21-24 Degrees Celsius. Often employees disagree on the perfect temperature for them but this range is ideal to keep everyone happy. Out of date air conditioning and heating systems should also be updated regularly to keep the air in the work environment clean. To further ensure the cleanliness of the air in the office, smoking should be totally banned everywhere in the work environment.


Even extremely focused employees should take a number of breaks throughout the day. One of the best ways to do this is by going for a short walk by yourself and clearing your mind. At the same time walking will help to increase your blood flow and circulation. Sitting at a desk for countless hours can also be unhealthy and it is good to get up and get your legs moving.

Treadmills under desks

This last one may seem a bit crazy but there is a growing trend to place slow-moving treadmills under workers’ desks. A study by Forbes has revealed that treadmill desks not only increase health but also productivity. Everyone knows that being still and cramped at work is unhealthy for our bodies, but many of us still do nothing to combat this problem. The treadmill desk is one of the best solutions to keep you productive and healthy simultaneously.

JasonL Team

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