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6 Effective ways to keep your Office Germ-Free

Keeping your office hygienic will not only keep your employees more satisfied but you will also reap financial benefits. Increased hygiene means less absenteeism, which will reduce your costs to cover workers temporarily as well as wasted funds on salaries of employees that aren’t working. The following are the best ways to keep your office clean and germ free:

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are a must when it comes to maintaining workplace hygiene. Choose a branded sanitiser that also contains moisturiser to ensure that it does not dry out your skin. Large bottles should be placed in all bathrooms and common areas and their use should be promoted among staff.

Clean cups and dishes

Shared mugs, plates and crockery are often the cause of sickness in the work environment. All these items should be properly washed with soap after every use. If you are unsure whether items are properly cleaned, wash them before use as well. The best method to ensure you don’t get sick from dirty dishes is to bring your own personal mug and crockery and wash them regularly.

Wash your hands regularly

In addition to using hand sanitizers, you should wash your hands regularly and this doesn’t mean only after you go to the bathroom. You should also wash your hands before and after you eat lunch as well as at regular intervals throughout the day. Wash your hands with high quality soap for at least 15 seconds each time to get rid of all germs.

Clean the office space

Offices should be professionally cleaned and disinfected at least once a week to ensure that all germs are removed. Keyboards, desktops and door handles should all be disinfected often to stop the spreading of viruses. In addition to professional cleaning, you should keep your own work environment clean by wiping down your desk and keyboard as well as throwing out food scraps and other dirty items.

Stay at home if you are sick

The worst thing you can do to ruin hygiene procedures in the workplace is to come to work when you are unwell. Not only will you get your colleagues sick but you will leave germs and possibly viruses within the workplace. When you are sick, stay at home and let yourself recover, it’s in the best interest of the business and in your own best interest.

Inform your manager of a lack of cleanliness

While you can do certain things to ensure your keep your personal working environment clean, it is your management’s job to ensure that the whole workplace meet cleanliness standards. If you notice that certain procedures are not being followed, inform your Human Resources department as it is their duty to ensure hygiene rules are met.

JasonL Team

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