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Why creating Ergonomics in your next Office Fitout is necessary


When planning a fitout for your office, ergonomics must be at the forefront of every decision. Rani Lueder of Humanics Ergonomics Inc says that ergonomics is more than just supplying furniture that prevents injuries; he states that it encompasses a positive promotion of ergonomics and work safety in the creation of the office environment. The design of the office space must include ergonomic furniture being placed in safe positions around the office. ergonomic-seat-design-based-on-robotic-technology-2 Office chairs must support workers’ lower backs and allow them to feel comfortable for long periods of time. Different mechanisms and seat slides should be added to suit the employees’ needs. Adding arms or lumbar support to chairs will help to prevent workers’ from getting any injuries. Allowing employees to try different chairs and choose the one that they feel most comfortable with is really important in keeping them happy and healthy. Many people forget that a desk can be just as important as a chair in creating an ergonomic environment. All computer monitors should be at eye-level and so desks should be chosen to suit the height of the corresponding worker. An easy solution to this is by choosing height-adjustable desks so that employees can choose the height of their own desk to suit them. Similarly desks should be large enough for employees to work clutter free, a great way to do this is by adding returns or mobile caddies to the desks. To keep your desk clutter free, another great solution is an ergonomic monitor arm. It allows the user to move their computer screen both vertically and horizontally into a position that works for them. By being elevated above the desktop, it also frees up much needed space for employees to do their work clutter free. In addition, workers should not have to continuously be bending down or reaching quite high to reach things. Items like printers and storage units should be placed at heights which allow for easy access, without hurting employees’ backs.

Similarly, folders and other items that workers pickup without leaving their chair should not be placed on the floor but rather on shelves or storage units that are approximately 700mm off the ground, to prevent all lower-back injuries. Ergonomics should definitely be considered in every project management decision relating to the office fitout, not only in choosing furniture but also in the placement of furniture around the workspace. If ergonomics is not considered in designing your office fitout, there is a high chance that the level of employee dissatisfaction and the amount of workplace-related injuries can significantly increase. Get professionally designed and Ergonomically set up Office Fitouts from JasonL - Call us on 1300 527 665 to get a Free Quote on your next Office Fitout.

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