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Office Partition Screens?

Office Partition / Screens? Sweet!

Whether you need to save space or create more privacy, streamline your office layout or get staff working more productively, JasonL can provide a competitively-priced Office Partition - Screen solution that really works for you.

Create a private environment within an open plan office layout without wasting time, money and effort, choose from a range of Free Standing Screen Dividers or the Portable Office Screen Walls which not only add privacy but improve employee efficiently by isolating the noise. Use these partition as a Pin board or a whiteboard to take notes, pin reminders and more with our multifunctional office partition solutions

Floor Partitions/Free Standing Acoustic Screens

Floor partitions and free standing acoustic boards…Essential. In any business, different branches of an office are focusing on the different tasks at hand, which can often be disturbing and unhelpful in maintaining an efficient work environment. JasonL understands, we have a variety of floor partitions and free standing acoustic screens that are sound cancelling and serve as a much needed barrier to maintain a sense of privacy in the work place. JasonL also understands the need for efficiency and suggests the use of floor partitions as portable pin and white boards, while serving the function of a room divider. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are therefore primed for any business work office work-space. Resourceful or what!

Mobile Partition screens

A successful business is a business that utilises the space and areas that it has to use. Therefore JasonL furniture are specialists in mobile partition screens, in turning a big room into multiple, multi-function rooms, offering a new dimension to your office with JasonL’s mobile partition walls. While being aesthetically pleasing it also acts effectively in sound cancelling, maintain privacy and that focus which every business needs. We have the right shape and size mobile partition screen to help any business succeed!

Desk Base Screens

Desk based partitions can act as the perfect medium for privacy, to maintain focus and team collaboration with your colleagues adjacent and opposite you. With their sound cancelling technology, JasonL understands the necessity for employees to have a sense privacy and therefore comfort. JasonL creates the screens to be of the utmost quality but still great value. As well as coming in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colour schemes for every work environment or office setting, JasonL’s desk bases and screens are ready for immediate shipment.

Whiteboard Partitions

These dual purpose partitions are definitely a great addition to any business and office space, either as a whiteboard for brainstorming and collaboration or as a sound cancelling partition, you will be sure of great value! We deliver nation-wide and with such functionality, we look forward to making your working space that much more efficient.