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INFOGRAPHIC: Office Xmas Party Survival Guide

office xmas party ergonomics


1. 7 tips to reduce holiday party liability for employers
Property Casualty 360 degrees

2. 9 strategies employers use to keep people from drinking too much at the holiday party
Business Insider Australia

3. Your Boss Thinks the Work Christmas Party is a Waste of Time - Here's Why it's Not
Chandler McLeod

4. Alcohol in Australia - Issues and Strategies
Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy

5. Non-profit fundraising events: alcohol, safety and event management
Queensland Police Service

6. From Ideal to Reality

7. 9 Ways To Survive The Office Christmas Party
Career FAQS

8. How to Survive Your Office Holiday Party

9. The 21 rules for surviving your office Christmas party
Business Insider Australia

10. Surviving Your Work Christmas Party
UTS Careers Blog





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