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INFOGRAPHIC: Tips For Maximizing a Small Office


1. Maximise a Small Office Space
Fast Fitouts

2. 10 practical steps for maximizing your small office space
Chicago Tribute

3. The Impact of Office Ergonomics on Employee Performance; A Case Study of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)
University of Science and Technology

4. OSH Answers Fact Sheets
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

5. If you only do one thing this week...know your workplace rights
The Guardian

6. The real reason your company switched to an open plan office
Jesus Diaz

7. 5 Simple Rules to Maximize Your Office Space

8. One Third Of Your Co-Workers Are Grumpy For This Reason Business Insider Australia

9. Office Furniture: The Overlooked Tool to Improve Employee Performance Qantaum Workplace

10. 10 Practical Steps for Maximizing Your Small Office Space
Business Collective

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