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Get $50 Off All Orders Over $399 with Code September2020

Velvet Onion Office Fitout - Surry Hills, NSW

The Mission Brief

To create a collaborative training area for Velvet Onion. A combination of mixed counter height seating and desk height seating was used in this creative space.

The Environment

Velvet Onion required a creative training space for increased collaboration and free thinking. Our colourful Tolix stools and sleek tables Litewall and Elements tables were used to complement Velvet Onion's youthful and modern image. Within a week of receiving the contract, the JasonL team had finished creating the office space, allowing the staff to move in straight away.

The Finer Details

Complete Installation Time Frame:
3 Business Days
Project Manager:
Jason Levin
Office Space:
Total Personnel:
15 person

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