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UNSW Village Library - Kensington, Sydney, NSW

The Mission Brief

UNSW Village was recommended to JasonL by a passed client of ours. There is nothing that makes us happier than referral work!!! UNSW Village looks after most of the On-Campus student housing for UNSW. They came to us looking for a fresh functional new look for their Student study area. They wanted to fit more people, divide space better so people can sit privately or work in groups.

The Environment

JasonL’s Interior design service provided a well thought out solution providing 5 unique and different activity based work concepts into a room that previously fitted maximum 10 people. To a room that can now comfortably fit double the amount. By incorporating JasonL standard products and sizes, we were able to meet both the brief and budget. We used Domino flip top mobile tables along the rooms parameters for flexibility. Each domino flip top table had a Pluto power and data solution. We provided 2 Quick charge USB along with 3 point plugs above the desk. This allowed all students while working to charge their lap tops and phones. We then created a counter bench solution with drafting chairs and power to allow student who prefer standing while they work, without the cost of a standing desk. We broke the space up with our activity based soft seating solution called Pit Stop. This Pitt stop solution not only broke the space up and provided privacy under the counter tables but also created yet another space for those who prefer studying on a softer lounge. We used our Litewall meeting room range with our swivel wave chair to create collaborative table settings, again with easy access to Power and Data. We delivered the room with a 5 week turnaround from engagement to install.

The Finer Details

Complete Installation Time Frame:
5 Weeks
Project Manager:
Office Space:
Total Personnel:

The Floor Plan

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