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Why you want Lumbar Support in your next Office Chair

Some people are only motivated to think about health when a crisis develops or in the presence of symptoms such as pain. For example, tooth aches- most people immediately go to the dentist when they have a toothache or a slight nerve sensation in their teeth to resolve and alleviate the pain. We all know too well that leaving an impending tooth ache can lead to severe problems and debilitating pain so immediate action and preventative care is taken to avoid this situation. Untitled

The same can be said for back pain but the result is far more damaging. Why?

Because unlike a toothache, by the time you experience back pain the problem has already been developing in silence for quite some time (we talking years even). This process known as subluxation; a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, can lead to serious long-term health problems, neurological dysfunction and degeneration of joint tissues.   back   The build up of subluxations in the body creates irritations in your body and interferes with the flowing of information to the brain through the nervous system. The nervous system is the master controller of your body and your spine protects this vital system. Therefore if your spine is being damaged from poor posture, stress and incorrect support the transmission of information flowing to your brain is prohibited and over time which can cause serious pain and destruction. Whilst the build up of subluxations can be from spinal trauma such as a fall or an accident, it is becoming more and more common for subluxations to occur as a result of cumulative stress, poor posture and you guessed it sitting at a computer all day. incorrect   Establishing the correct posture and incorporating lumbar support into your office stations early on can help avoid this problem, optimize productivity and reduce stress to the body and spine. Correct lumbar support is crucial for long-term health benefits and one of the most essential body parts of your body that should always be supported and never overlooked. It is important to always be comfortable when seated and utilize the back of the chair as much as possible (avoid slouching forward). The lumbar support should support the natural curvature of you spine and your feet should always be flat on the floor.

Active Vs. Passive

There are two different kinds of lumbar support systems offered through ergonomically correct chairs that can assist in achieving an anatomically correct seating posture; known as active and passive.


Active Lumbar support is a standalone approach that can be added or built separately onto a backrest and can be adjusted in various way.


Passive Lumbar support is usually built into the frame of the chair and therefore not adjustable. However the same amount of support can be achieved if other ergonomic features have been built into the chair to compensate such as ratchet back or a seat slider.

Ergonomic Chair

JasonL have a variety of ergonomically certified office chairs which feature adjustable back support mechanism that can be lowered or raised to better suit the needs of your body. Remember, to ensure correct positioning, the curve on the back of the chair should support the curve of the lower spine. Adjustable back support chairs are ideal for office stations as the modifiable feature allows more than one person to use that chair. Jasonl Executive Mesh Office Chair - Medium Back

Jasonl Executive Mesh Office Chair - Medium Back

Jasonl Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair - Fantail

Jasonl Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair - Fantail

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