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5 Golden Rules in Space Planning your Office

When planning a new office space, the designer is faced with many challenges and questions. They have to consider practical issues such as spatial requirements, proximity between employees and furniture. Our ergonomic experts have done countless office fitouts throughout Australia and they have devised 5 golden rules for every office fitout that they do. 

Rule 1: There must be at least 1 metre of free space behind each desk

The main reason for this rule is that workers need enough space to be able to roll back on their chair and stand up. In addition, without sufficient space the office will look extremely cramped and it will not allow enough space for colleagues to collaborate behind desks.

Rule 2: Leave 2 metres between workstations, (bare minimum: 1800mm)

For similar reasons to the previous rule, employees working vertically opposite each other need at least 1.8 metres between them to allow them to move freely. However, if you have limited office space, there are ways to get around this rule by using jagged seating. For further information on this solution, ask your local office furniture specialists.

Rule 3: Boardroom tables must be at least 1.5 metres from door and 1 metre from the back wall.

It is very important for a boardroom to give clients a good impression of your business.  Having a boardroom that appears overcrowded will ruin this impression. Thus, we recommend that this rule is always implementing in planning your boardroom in order to maintain a modern, spacious design that gives people enough space to move around if they need.

Rule 4: Corridors must be at least 1 metre wide

All walkways must always be at least a metre wide in order to keep your office looking spacious and accessible. If walkways were any narrower they can get lost in the clutter of the office, preventing easy movement.

Rule 5: Corridors with chairs allow at least 1200mm

It is of vital importance to keep these dimensions in order to prevent workers on chairs rolling back into people walking behind them. Straying from these rules can create real problems in your workplace. Not only will the office look extremely cramped, employees’ comfort levels and thus their satisfaction levels can be significantly affected. Need help with Space Planning, get a Office Furniture Expert to Help you

JasonL Team

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