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7 must have Office Fitout Accessories

Office Fitouts is a crucial part of setting up a new office, we've already shared information around How to time your Office fitouts to your benefit but once you're done that and have a Fitout Specialist to make your life easier you can focus on adding more flare and design to your Office furniture, we've go ahead a step further and created a list of 7 must have Office Fitout Accessories for you.

Coffee Machine



The most important item every office must have is a great coffee machine. A coffee machine will keep your employees happy and awake and it will stop them leaving the office so regularly to get coffee elsewhere. It is also great for customer service as offering coffee to clients will give them a great impression of your business.

VOIP connections

818N52QcZmL._SL1500_Connecting all your internet servers and phones with VOIP in your office fitout is one of the best things you can do to make day to day office activities a whole lot easier. VOIP allows you to easily transfer calls to your colleagues as well as transfer documents over your internal server.

ZIP Water filter



No office is complete without a great water filter. Employees need to stay hydrated in order to stay productive and to reduce illness in the workplace. By supplying employees with cool, filtered water you are encouraging to drink more and stay healthy. ZIP water filters also provide boiling water for a quick and easy tea, coffee or hot chocolate.


iPadMini-Press-02-580-100 Being able to show your colleagues and clients certain documents is vital for businesses, and using tablets you can share documents away from your desk, in meeting areas and breakout rooms. With thousands of business applications, staff can collaborate and share ideas very easily using tablets.

Table tennis table

waldner-next-generation-table-tennis-table-by-robert-lindstrom2For the more adventurous business owner, a good idea is to put a table tennis or air hockey table in the communal break area. It has been proven in big corporations such as Google that giving your employees a fun activity to do in their breaks will make them more motivated and productive. You could even go as far as a big Indian business that installed a bowling alley in their offices.

A ‘super-duper’ photocopier

brother_all_in_one_multi_function_printer_scanner_fax_7820nA technologically advanced photocopier that can do all the cool things that your business needs is essential in offices nowadays. They should be able to print wirelessly, print different sizes of paper, work through email and print at rapid speeds. No modern office can function properly without a great photocopy machine.

Smart Board



Putting smart boards in meeting rooms will take your presentations to the next level. Meetings will become more interactive and will allow you to brainstorm ideas effortlessly. Collaboration will be improved with many applications that allow you to create, edit and store mind maps. Including technologies such as smart boards in your office fitout will create a better environment for employees to be motivated and passionate.

JasonL Team

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