Sydney Jewish Museum - Darlingurst, NSW
  • Client: Sydney Jewish Museum
  • Location: Darlingurst, NSW
  • Year: 2022

"I really enjoyed working with Ondrej, he was most helpful. We re-did the plans many times and he was always happy to accomodate and change..."

Aviva Wolff - Operations and Events Manager at SJM

Sydney Jewish Museum - Darlingurst, NSW

This was a major office refurbishment that needed to take place as their staff has grown exponentially over the years. They converted their gallery space into an office space. We created a very breathable open-plan environment that worked well with the classy yet simple feel of the gallery itself. By keeping the space open plan, we stuck to a very minimalistic approach, sticking to key elements that matched the exceptional pieces of art that were kept in the gallery. Overall we gave the space a fresh and inviting feel, welcoming all clients to come through and feel cosy enough to stay and chat for a while.
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The Team on This Project

  • Jason Levin
    Title: Chief Ergonomic Officer
  • Ondrej Hyzdal
    Title: Business Development Manager
  • Katherine Tragaris
    Title: Customer Service Officer
  • Alexandra Araujo
    Title: Project Manager
  • Julian Naidoo
    Title: Showroom Manager
  • Michelle Lademora
    Title: Purchasing/Product Manager

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