Neami National - Preston, VIC
  • Client: Neami National
  • Location: Preston, VIC
  • Year: 2021
  • Timeframe: 10 weeks

Neami National - Preston, VIC

The client wanted happy colours, and light and warmth to reflect the company's brand identity. As the fitout was for a medical centre, durable products were essential.

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The Team on This Project

  • Jason Levin
    Title: Chief Ergonomic Officer
  • Meghan Veldman
    Title: Showroom Manager & Commercial Interior Designer
  • Julian Naidoo
    Title: Showroom Manager
  • Katherine Tragaris
    Title: Customer Service Officer
  • Con Walsh
    Title: Operations Manager
  • Marie Spata
    Title: Customer Service

Products Used for the Neami National Fitout!

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