3d Acoustic Wall Tiles Perth

Transform your space with 3D acoustic wall tiles in Perth. Our range of 3D acoustic wall tiles offers innovative solutions for enhancing acoustics, aesthetics, and functionality in offices, restaurants, studios, and residential spaces. Designed to reduce echo, absorb sound, and add texture to walls, 3D acoustic wall tiles provide acoustic comfort while creating visual interest and depth.

Whether you need geometric patterns for modern interiors or organic shapes for natural aesthetics, our collection offers options to suit your design preferences and acoustic requirements. With durable materials, customizable designs, and easy installation, our 3D acoustic wall tiles ensure acoustic enhancement and design versatility in any environment.

3d Acoustic Wall Tiles

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3d Acoustic Wall Tiles

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Sandra Pitt

Great product and excellent service!! Will definitely buy from them again. So so happy with my purchase, thank you!!

Michael Richards

Can't speak for the store, however online shopping experience was seamless! Great quality, well priced and super quick delivery from their Sydney warehouse to Melbourne. Thanks team!

Aaron Langer

The ONLY place to purchase high quality office furniture in AU - their customer service is exceptional and they truly go over and beyond to ensure only the highest customer satisfaction.

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Thank you Zac!

“They’ve just been really easy to deal with. So an initial enquiry, a conversation with them and to be honest the process has been quite seamless from beginning to end. We’ve continued to use them for over five years now.”

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