The best desks in Australia for 2024: office desks, standing desks, home office desks & more

From sleek and contemporary office desks to ergonomic wonders tailored for home use, our comprehensive list encompasses the best desks Australia has to offer in 2024. Redefine your workspace with the perfect desk that aligns with your style, work habits, and well-being.

What to consider when buying an office desk

When buying an office desk, several key factors should be considered to ensure you choose the right desk that aligns with your work needs, comfort, and workspace aesthetics. Here are essential considerations:

Workspace Dimensions

Assess the available space in your office to determine the appropriate size and shape of the desk. Consider the layout and how the desk will fit within the overall workspace.

Desk Dimensions

Choose a desk with dimensions that accommodate your work requirements. Ensure it provides sufficient surface area for your tasks without overcrowding the room.


Prioritize ergonomics for comfort during extended periods of work. Look for desks with adjustable height options, proper legroom, and features that support good posture.

Material and Construction

Consider the material and construction of the desk. Common options include wood, metal, glass, or a combination. Choose a durable material that complements your office decor.

Storage Needs

Evaluate your storage requirements. Some desks come with built-in drawers, shelves, or cabinets. Assess your organizational needs and choose a desk that provides adequate storage space.


Consider the functionality of the desk. Some desks come with built-in features like cable management systems, integrated power outlets, or adjustable components. Choose a desk that suits your work style.

Aesthetic Appeal

Select a desk that complements the overall aesthetic of your office or home workspace. Consider color, design, and style to create a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

Desk Shape

Choose a desk shape that suits your work tasks and available space. Common shapes include rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped, or corner desks, each catering to specific needs.


If possible, opt for a desk with adjustable features, such as height and tilt. This allows you to customize the desk to your comfort preferences and adapt to different tasks.

Weight Capacity

Consider the weight capacity of the desk, especially if you plan to place heavy equipment or multiple monitors on it. Ensure the desk can support your work requirements.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting an office desk that not only meets your immediate needs but also contributes to a comfortable and productive workspace in the long run.

The best office desks in Australia

Switch Executive Desk

Introducing a game-changer – make the switch to the revolutionary desk with angled blade legs! These legs are designed to cut through the chit-chat and transform your office into the ultimate space to be. Watch as my legs angle towards each corner, creating a dynamic and bold statement. Available in sleek black, pristine white, and a warm wood finish, I am the perfect addition to any room, marrying versatility with contemporary design. Make the switch and let me redefine your workspace with a touch of modern flair.

Quadro Square Executive Setting

Discover sophistication and comfort in the Quadro Square Executive Desk Australia – the ideal choice for those seeking a sleek and classy ambiance. With square legs that exude modern elegance, this piece is available in a range of colors including white, maple, salvage oak, or dark oak. Choose from two frame color variants, white or black, to match your aesthetic preferences.

Standing at a height of 750mm and boasting a spacious 1600 x 700mm width, the Quadro Square Executive Setting offers generous workspace and legroom. Elevate your space with this inviting piece that seamlessly combines style and functionality, bringing a touch of sophistication to your office or workspace.

Sit stand desks: The best height adjustable desk options in Australia

Uplifting Tango Electric Sit Stand Desk

Meet the Uplifting Tango Electric Sit Stand Desk—a compact and versatile solution meticulously crafted for home office use. Available in a desktop size of 1200 x 600 mm, this desk features a built-in drawer with a width of 660 mm and depth of 320 mm.

The desk is equipped with twin motors for seamless and swift height adjustments, complemented by a controller memory function that allows users to pre-set up to four preferred desk heights for effortless customization. Additionally, the desk boasts three USB charging ports and an anti-collision system, providing a safety measure against potential accidents.

With adjustable height ranges spanning from 720 mm to 1210 mm, this desk can support a desktop weight capacity of up to 80 kg. It is designed for easy assembly and comes complete with a childproof lock controller, a cable tray, and a spacious storage drawer. The Uplifting Tango Electric Sit Stand Desk is an all-in-one package, delivering a compact and integrated electric desk solution tailored to meet your home office needs.

Flexi Premium Height Adjustable Desk

Introducing the Flexi Premium Executive Setting—a sophisticated executive desk solution with a smart storage twist. This minimalist combo offers a sleek design and versatile storage options to elevate your workspace. With height ranging from 625mm to 1275mm and a generous workspace measuring 1600 x 700mm wide, it provides ample room for productivity.

The Flexi Premium Executive Setting presents various combination storage solutions, including lateral file drawer units, lockable cupboards, or an open shelf storage unit. Choose from a range of color schemes, including white, maple, salvage oak, and dark oak, allowing you to customize the desk to your preferred aesthetic.

Designed with a sturdy frame and complemented by matching handles, this executive desk solution seamlessly combines style and functionality to meet the demands of a modern workspace. Elevate your office with the Flexi Premium Executive Setting for a minimalist and efficient work environment.

The best home office desks in Australia

Uniform Panel Desk

Meet the Uniform Panel Desk – your go-to for comfort and a touch of timeless elegance. Renowned for its spacious top and warm wooden feel, this desk ensures you'll never run out of leg space, providing a comfortable and inviting work environment. Standing at a height of 750mm, it is not just stylish but also durable.

With four top color variants to choose from, the Uniform Panel Desk allows you to personalize your workspace, catering to your unique style and preferences. Enhance your office with this versatile and sturdy desk, designed to blend functionality with a classic aesthetic. If you're looking for home desks Melbourne, this is a great option.

Quadro Loop Leg Office Desk

Meet the Quadro Loop Leg Office Desk – a modern and reliable addition to any corporate or home office. With a smooth laminate desktop finish that exudes professionalism and style, this desk offers ample space for electronics, accessories, and files. Crafted as a commercial-quality workstation, it stands strong against heavy, regular use, providing a sturdy and secure foundation for work.

Featuring adjustable feet for added convenience and generous space underneath for additional furniture or drawers, the Quadro Loop Leg Office Desk enhances workspace functionality. Available in various sizes, desktop finishes, and leg options, it can be personalized to suit individual styles of work.

Invest in a desk that embodies strength, security, style, and affordability – choose the Quadro Loop Leg Office Desk. Backed by a generous 10-year warranty, it ensures a reliable and stylish workspace for years to come.

Frequently asked questions about office desks

What size of office desk is suitable for my workspace?

Choosing the appropriate size for your office desk depends on the dimensions of your workspace and your specific needs. Measure the available area in your office to determine the space you have for the desk. Consider the layout of the room and the placement of other furniture. Ensure the desk size allows for comfortable movement and doesn't overcrowd the space.

Additionally, think about the tasks you'll be performing at the desk. If you require ample space for a computer, paperwork, or other tools, opt for a larger desk. On the other hand, if your tasks are more streamlined, a smaller desk may suffice. Ultimately, selecting the right size involves balancing functionality with the available space to create an efficient and comfortable work environment.

Should I opt for a standing desk or a traditional sitting desk?

Deciding between a standing desk and a traditional sitting desk involves considering various factors. For health considerations, standing desks offer potential benefits such as reducing sedentary-related health issues and alleviating back pain. However, traditional sitting desks can be comfortable for focused tasks, although prolonged sitting has associated health concerns.

When it comes to work habits and tasks, standing desks are suitable for tasks involving movement, quick transitions, or collaborative work. Traditional sitting desks, on the other hand, may be preferred for tasks requiring prolonged focus and concentration. Ergonomics play a crucial role; standing desks require proper height adjustment to prevent strain, while traditional sitting desks benefit from ergonomic accessories for good posture.

The transition and adjustment period are important considerations. Standing desks may require a gradual transition, whereas traditional sitting desks offer a familiar setup without the need for adjustment. Additionally, your workspace and design preferences influence the decision. Standing desks offer a modern and dynamic aesthetic, while traditional sitting desks provide a classic and versatile look.

For those who desire flexibility, hybrid or adjustable desks allow for a seamless switch between sitting and standing. Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual needs, work habits, and personal preferences, with some individuals finding a combination of both options to be the most suitable for their work style.

Are there ergonomic considerations in choosing an office desk?

Considering ergonomic factors when choosing an office desk is essential for promoting comfort and preventing health issues. Ergonomics in office desk selection involves assessing the design and features to ensure they support a healthy and efficient work environment. This includes evaluating the desk height, proper alignment of the body, adequate legroom, and the availability of adjustable components.

Additionally, ergonomic considerations extend to the accessories used with the desk, such as chairs, keyboards, and monitors, to create a cohesive and comfortable workspace. Integrating ergonomic principles into office desk selection contributes to improved posture, reduced strain, and enhanced overall well-being during work hours.

How important is cable management in an office desk?

Cable management in an office desk plays a crucial role in maintaining a tidy and organized workspace. The importance of effective cable management lies in several key factors. Firstly, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace by eliminating clutter and maintaining a neat appearance. This not only creates a more professional atmosphere but also contributes to a focused and uncluttered work environment.

Secondly, efficient cable management promotes safety by reducing the risk of tripping hazards or damage to cables. Well-organized cables prevent tangling and potential accidents, ensuring a hazard-free workspace.

From a functional standpoint, proper cable management simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. Identifying and accessing specific cables becomes easier, facilitating quicker repairs or adjustments when needed. This efficiency can save time and contribute to the overall productivity of the work environment.

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