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INFOGRAPHIC: Tips on Ergonomic Typing

In collaboration with Dohrmann Consulting, we bring you this info-graphic!



1. Learn Touch Typing for free!
Typing Club

2. 6 Ergonomic Tips and WHS Show Wrap-up
Dohrmann Consulting

3. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) explained
Medical News Today

4. Office Ergonomics
Finance and Operations - Environment, Health and Safety

5. Computer Workstations eTool
United States Department of Labor

6. Keyboarding Made Simple: Learn the best techniques for keyboarding like a pro
Leich E. Zeitz

7. Ideal typing posture: Negative slope keyboard support
Cornell University Ergonomics Web

8. Computer workstation ergonomics
Safety, Health and Wellbeing - The University of Western Australia

9. Ergonomic guide to computer based workstations
Department of Justice and Attorney-General

10. Proper Sitting Posture for Typing
MyHealth Alberta



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