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Changed to: Ideas to Create an Ergonomic Call Center


1. The Best Desk Layouts for the Contact Centre
Call Centre Helper

2. Examples of Call Center Layout & Design

3. Which Call Center Cubicle Layout is Right For You?
Arnolds Office Furniture

4. 7 Games to Liven up the Contact Centre
Call Centre Helper

5. 8 Effective Call Center Improvement Strategies for Improving Call Centers

6. Government to spend $430,000 on consultants to fix Centrelink call centres, but staff say there's an easy answer
The Sydney Morning Herald

7. Five things all successful call centre managers have in common
MY Customer

8. Victorian Government CALL CENTRE CODE
Economic Development - Victorian Government

9. The problem with noisy call centres
Smart Company

10. Call centre workforce will stay in demand to keep in touch with customers, say experts
ABC News

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