How to build a thriving work culture and the importance of having one

In a socially transforming world that we find ourselves within, the dynamics of the working attitude and employee expectations are changing. Whereas ones salary still has a substantial pull on where and the way an employee works, there is a growing factor that is starting to dictate more and more working trends and this of course is the idea of a ‘working culture’. A company’s working culture could be the most important factor in moving towards success, why you ask? Because ultimately workplace culture fits into and impacts everything in your business, from your business strategies, to the happiness of your team and from your company leadership to the working environment that you surround your company with.


Many people, including myself, have been in a position of job opportunities, where perhaps one job offer pays ‘X’ Amount where as another job offer might be paying ‘X times 2’. However you find yourself wanting to work in the environment that is paying you less, and that reason is the working culture in that job. The job that pays less might still give you more, if you know what I mean. This job makes you wake up every morning, buzzing, excited to re-join your team for yet another day of achieving your company’s goals and visions. The job that pays you in positive emotion not always necessarily something tangible, and that’s what it should do, that’s what an awesome workplace culture does. Here is a checklist for what should be in your workplace culture, or if not, you can use them as tips are just take ideas from each of these points. And just a bit of a disclaimer, these tips by no means will turn your workplace into an efficient paradise but are rather just some ideas that I have personally seen can make a substantial impact on the productivity of the business but also on the overall happiness and atmosphere of your work place.

Hierarchal and lateral leadership

When in a position of authority, one should be clear and enthusiastic about what goals that they and their company are trying to achieve. You can tell a lot about a workplace culture by talking to a company executive and asking questions about the way they want to run their office as well as the strategies that they are trying to employ. While giving your employee the respect and acknowledgment of their contributions to the company, you develop a confident and comfortable atmosphere in a relationship that used to be about bosses and their grunts and by breaking down that boundary, everyone will feel a lot more relaxed when approaching you as well as being a part of such a congruent team every day. Having said that, leading people below you is a relatively easier than leading someone over whom you have no authority. But that doesn’t matter, an awesome workplace enjoys the transition of leadership around an equal office (in terms of position), and comfortably allows for everyone to take charge at different times even if it is to give you some tips or maybe redirect your line of thinking. Constructive.

Office satisfaction over salary

In such a material world, inherently dictated by currency, the goal and overall effect of a great workplace culture would be for the office experience to be enticing enough for each worker to happily show up every single day. Yes, employees need to sustain their lives through their salary but if you believe in workplace culture, then that will provide a metaphorical dividend which often translates into tangible results. Accordingly, JasonL feels that a happier office means more productive workers and bigger results.

A melting pot of culture and character

You want to belong to a working culture that is diverse as it is encouraging. Take care and put thought into the people that you hire, their ages, abilities, nationalities, backgrounds and characteristics will all add different dynamics to your business and working environment. And if you want them to gel nicely then you need to consider the impact they will have on your current employees, your business and of course endeavouring to reach and surpass company goals. A clash of opinion or character is never enjoyable for anyone in your office, even those not involved.


Something that you have probably heard 100’s of times by now is the absolute pivotal importance of communication within a business. While it is very important, it is just as influential as other workplace factors. The key to effective ongoing communication is to associate it with positivity. By doing so, it compels your employees to do it more, to do it earlier and to do it well! Communication has a multitude of effects, which is why it is emphasised so much on everyone’s ‘list’. Communication enhances a positive working atmosphere while strengthening inter-office relationships that ultimately adds to your working culture and overall success. Now, these points can seem daunting or disheartening to some people who maybe have not prioritised working culture, but don’t fret. As I have said, these points aren’t the be all and end all of workplace success but merely aim to inspire you to take pride in your working culture. It makes potential prospects want to be a part of this happy team as well as helping you or people in positions of authority to be clear about what they want to achieve and with what type of atmosphere they want to achieve it with. These are just a few pointers and believe me when I say that there are a lot more ways to improve a working culture but those are a few that I and JasonL like to emphasise.

JasonL Team

Food for thought?

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