Bluechip Infotech - Silverwater, NSW
  • Client: Bluechip Infotech
  • Location: Silverwater, NSW
  • Year: 2022

"Modern doesn't mean complex, it's simple. This is how I find JasonL. I found that talking to Gavin, he's very straight forward and very helpful..."

Jennifer Lee

Bluechip Infotech - Silverwater, NSW

This was a speculative fit-out for the company. The business was growing at a vast rate and so they needed to create a space that would create a great working environment for the staff that would also accommodate everyone comfortably to work better, all in a simplistically styled office. Their concept was - less is more, as simple as possible. JasonL team managed to bring their ideas together, creating a well balanced work space that compliments their culture and general aesthetic. The flow of the office is modern with a hint of subtle colour, making sure not to overpower the key elements in the space.
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The Team on This Project

  • Jason Levin
    Title: Chief Ergonomic Officer
  • Zac Zinman
    Title: Chief Operating Officer
  • Meghan Veldman
    Title: Showroom Manager & Commercial Interior Designer
  • KL Whittingham
    Title: People & Culture Champion
  • Marie Spata
    Title: Customer Service
  • Katherine Tragaris
    Title: Customer Service Officer

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