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Notice Board?

Notice Board

Everyone is in a hurry. No one seems to have time for face-to-face conversations, and sending bulk emails often misses the mark. With a myriad of communications platforms in the office space, it is often difficult to get the right message across.

JasonL offers a great office solution in the form of beautifully designed and easy to install notice boards. Slick designs mean that these notice boards take up very little space on any office wall. For the items that require a higher level of safety, you could invest in lockable noticeboards. To avoid notices going missing and remain in place you could try out the glass noticeboards, which will keep the notes in and fingers out.

For those who have been put in charge of conveying and rotating important office information, there is the option of sliding door noticeboards, allowing easy access while remaining safe and easy for everyone to read the relevant information.

Some spaces require daily updates, so install one of the new age pinnable noticeboards which allow the placing and removal of information in just seconds.

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