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Reception Desks?

Reception Desks

Looking for the perfect reception desk?
When you walk into someone else’s offices for a meeting what’s the first thing you see? It’s the reception desks that sit out in front, a representation of the business as a whole. From this we can assume that the reception desk is the most important piece of office furniture bar none. So we need to ask the question: how much thought are you putting into reception desks?

At JasonL we believe that the right reception desk sets the tone for your entire office space. Sure, you might have a piece of funky office furniture in the back corner, but that will mean nothing if you have dated and dowdy reception desks.

From large factory reception desks to more compact and sleek reception counters and units, JasonL have a range of reception desks that make a great first impression. And our reception desks are guaranteed to suit your business and budget.

People judge books by their cover, it’s a fact of life, so make sure your first impression is a favourable one.

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