The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Right Office Desk for You

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Whether you want to create a home office or a space where you can enjoy your hobbies, purchasing the right office desk for you can be challenging. There are just too many options and sifting through them can be confusing enough to give you a headache. 

However, this is a decision that can directly affect your productivity. Your desk is your workspace, so it needs to be comfortable, functional, and suit you well. To help you make the right decision, today we will discuss the most important factors to consider. 

How to Choose the Right Office Desk for You

Office Desk Size

Getting the wrong sized desk can severely limit its functionality. Not to mention returns are always a hassle. To avoid getting an office desk that’s either too small or too big for the available space, determine its positioning first. 

You want your desk to be near power points and in a spacious, quiet, well-lit area. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, measure the height, width, and depth of the space. It’s important to do this well because this information will help you find the best options. 

Office Desk Shape

If your space is limited, you should focus on compact office desks. If there’s enough space, you can look at standard options. The next important factor to consider is shape because it helps define how functional and practical your workspace will be. 

For instance, rectangular office desks are the most popular and they’re available in different sizes. You can easily place them in a corner, in the centre of the space, against a wall, etc. But if you need a larger workspace, a corner or wave desk will provide a lot more room. 

Office Desk Storage 

When it comes to your workspace, it’s important to avoid clutter. The cleaner and tidier it is, the better because it will encourage productivity. That’s why having enough desk storage is a must. If you don’t, your workspace will become unorganised in the blink of an eye. 

The good news is that you can find office desks with drawers to keep your essentials organised and accessible. Additionally, you can have extra storage. Such as cupboards and filing cabinets. 

Office Desk Aesthetic

Last but certainly not least, you have to consider the aesthetic aspects of the desk. Colour is probably the most important one and it’s important to choose one that will complement your space. If your office desk looks out of place, you’ll feel it. 

Luckily, there are many different options to consider. You can keep it simple and classic with wood colours, black, grey, or white. Alternatively, you can choose something with a pop of colour or go all in with a fun, vibrant colour. You can tie it all in with decorations and a matching chair.

Once you know what to look for, finding the right office desk will be a breeze. We hope this guide could help and don’t hesitate to browse through our shop for some of the best office desk options!

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