The best height adjustable desks in Australia for 2024

Crafted to adapt to contemporary workstyles, these desks prioritize both comfort and productivity, providing a balanced approach to sitting and standing. Elevate your workspace with the finest in height-adjustable desks in Australia, reshaping how you work in the upcoming year.

Uplifting Tango Electric Sit Stand Desk

I'm Uplifting Tango Electric Sit Stand Desk - a compact and versatile solution designed specifically for your home office use. I'm available in desktop size of 1200 x 600 mm and features a built-in drawer with a width of 660 mm and depth of 320 mm.

My desk has twin motors for smooth and fast height adjustment, and the controller memory function allows you to pre-set up to four preferred desk heights for easy adjustment. My desk also has three USB charging ports and an anti-collision system to prevent accidents.

I have adjustable height ranges from 720 mm to 1210 mm, and can support a desktop weight capacity of up to 80 kg. Easy to assemble and comes with a childproof lock controller, a cable tray, and a generous storage drawer. I'm an excellent all-in-one package suitable for you having compact and integrated electric desk.

Sonic Poptop Riser

I'm the Sonic Poptop Riser, a modern solution for those long, stiff hours at work. Sitting for extended periods of time can lead to strain, discomfort and even injury, which is why more people are seeking out alternative desk options.

I've been designed specifically for busy offices and workplaces, and can be easily added to an established workstation. With me, there's no need to throw out your current desk and spend days rearranging furniture: simply place me on your existing desk and let me change the way you work! I am also available in manual height adjustment and electric height adjustment (i.e. electric height adjustment operates at the push of a button, allowing you to go from sitting to standing in seconds).

I have a solid, silver frame that can easily hold your screens, keyboard and mouse. I'm affordable, easy to use and have a modern design. Choose from two sizes, height adjustable option and in a black or white finish.

Flexi Premium Height Adjustable Desk

Looking for a minimalist executive desk solution with a smart storage solution? Introducing our new combo - Flexi Premium Executive Setting. My height ranges from 625mm to 1275mm and 1600 x 700mm wide, providing ample workspace and leg room. I have a variety of combination storage solutions including lateral file drawer units, lockable cupboards or an open shelf storage unit. You can choose my colour schemes from white, maple, salvage oak and dark oak. I come with a sturdy frame and matching handles.

Just Right Height Adjustable Corner (RHS) Workstation

I'm the Just Right Height Adjustable Corner Workstation - My height adjustable feature and the sturdy top, makes me an ergonomic piece, built for durability. I am the perfect addition to a versatile workspace as I could be used as either a sit or stand station - this is my key feature that will make working alot less.

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