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INFOGRAPHIC: Ideas on How to Avoid Injury at Work

heart lungs neck posture damage prolonged sitting stability balls stomach


1. Office workers spend too much time at their desks, experts say
Science Daily

2. The human body is designed to move

3. Office workers 'should stand for four hours a day'
The Australian

4. Excessive sitting at work and at home: Correlates of occupational sitting and TV viewing time in working adults
US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

5. Office workers' objectively assessed total and prolonged sitting time: Individual-level correlates and worksite variations

6. The Stand at Work Study
Heart Foundation

7. Too Much Sitting Is As Bad For The Brain As It Is For The Body: Study

8. Physical Inactivity and Cardiovascular Disease
Department of Health

9. Two hours of sitting cancels out 20 minutes of exercise, study finds
CBS News

10. Take a stand  
The University Sydney

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