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Winnings and Appliances Online - Waterloo, Sydney NSW

Winnings and Appliances Online - Waterloo, Sydney NSW

The Mission Brief

After researching the company we realised two very important fundamentals that they held very dear - 1. Culture and aligned vision is fundamental within the group 2. They do not take themselves too seriously. The Winnings group is rich in tradition and these traditions of expert advice and honest hard work has been maintained and is at the core of their newest business, appliances online. Jason L needed to create a workspace that represented the old school traditions of Winnings Appliances of expert advice and hard work while at the same time giving the place a modern 'Google' spin on the space.

The Environment

Open plan office workstations Individual meeting rooms. Boardroom tables including power boxes Modular functional main boardroom/conference table that is mobile and can be folded and stacked away.

The Finer Details

Complete Installation Time Frame:
8 Weeks
Project Manager:
Jason Levin
Office Space:
Total Personnel:
300 Employees

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