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Megex Glendenning Office Furniture Fitout, Sydney NSW

The Mission Brief

As the clients business was growing well, it prompted an upsize of office space. My client was aiming to create a floor plan which incorporated open communication but still had meeting rooms for private conversations or quiet working. Large work surfaces were a must and storage space space needed to be readily available. This included plenty of filing room for neat, clean and work efficient offices.

The Environment

JasonL Sketched up a few floor plans based on the requests provided until the correct layout was selected. The client wanted to keep a clean neutral colours throughout the office spaces, therefore we used our simple black frames and white tops for furniture. The colour scheme and layout flowed perfectly with the finer details of the install such as the overall buildings framework and colour.

The Finer Details

Complete Installation Time Frame:
2-4 weeks
Project Manager:
Office Space:
Total Personnel:

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