Is it bad to use a standing desk all day?

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If you’re a professional in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic scenario and your job has shifted permanently to remote working, we understand your concerns about falling victim to a sedentary lifestyle. 

Working for over seven hours a day affects one’s physical health and concentration levels during office hours also suffer. Additionally, the prolonged hours of sitting at the same height or posture can become uncomfortable, affecting the work performance of an individual who would usually take a stroll after lunch or a run down for a quick phone call on a normal working day.

What is a Standing Desk?

For starters, standing desks are designed specifically as work desks that enable individuals to comfortably stand and work as an interval to sitting for long hours. 

Alternately, standing desks are becoming more popular as 'sit-stand desks' due to their shape. The sturdy built and detailed finishing of a standing desk makes it the go-to choice for working professionals. That said, these desks are adjustable in height and are fitted with a solid ergonomic shape that provides the required support at different postures both while standing and sitting. 

Sit-Stand Range - Stand Up Electric Height Adj Desk

How does a JasonL standing desk differ from others in the market? 

Our height adjustable standing desks tend to be “just right” - neither too high nor too low, with the soft melamine hand rest enhancing your posture while sitting and the outer glossy grafting making it easier to stand without troubling your feet.

It is a scientifically proven fact that standing for about 10 minutes after you have sat for longer durations can both release mental stress and improve focus when resuming work. Standing desks online are filled with fanciful shapes but rarely have the right aesthetics to pump up the focus at work. In comparison, sit-stand desks at JasonL are lightweight, compact and minimalist, suiting your budget without compromising with its finesse and strength. 
Stand-up - Electric Corner Standing Desk

What about the material of furniture at JasonL? 

At JasonL, we manufacture a range of cleanly modernist, promisingly green, and ergonomically pleasing furniture that boasts superior quality, uber variety and minimalist design. 

We use the best materials ranging from wood, steel, melamine, aluminium and synthetics for delivering a stylish leg finish that can accommodate desktops, bookcases, and more that you require at your workstation. Everything from the measurements, shape, colour, and size of JasonL’s sit and stand desks will add to the beauty of the nook and corner of your house. 
Can two people work at a standing desk?

Most sit and stand desks are built for one person working at a time, but JasonL’s is built of solid melamine packed with space, strength and storage. 

All of sit-stand desks at JasonL can easily hold single or multiple desktops lending an exec look, studio look, and others. There is plenty of legroom, sleek stands, spacious table surface, shapely built edges, and neutral colours that can add the desired elegance to your workspace, whether it is a 1500 sq ft+ office or the front of an art studio or the cosy corner of your bedroom. 

Food for thought?

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Craig Findlay

@Craig Findlay - 7day(s) ago

JasonL is a very good business to deal with. Great communication from the Sales team and the install teams are very professional

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Audrey Goldbert

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I just LOVE my new desk, not only is it wider than most on the market but I could also choose the length...



@YOUSOFE HAYTARI - 1month(s) ago

Excellent customer service!

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We’ve done fitouts for some of Australia’s biggest brands and many more of all shapes, sizes & budgets. Proof? We do more return business every year than we do new.

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