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State Government

JasonL furniture supplies a number of state governments around Australia. Promoting healthy, active working environments that marry ergonomics with technology friendly furniture. Our AFRDI approved chairs are designed for prolonged, adjustable, comfortable sitting. Our sleek cable and power management and height adjustable desks are also designed to accommodate the needs of public servants and help prevent injury in the government workplace.

Our customers

UNSW Village was recommended to JasonL by a passed client of ours. There is nothing that makes us happier than referral work!!! UNSW Village looks after most of the On-Campus student housing for UNSW.

AOJI enrollment center of international education is a professional education consultancy agent. AOJI was setting up their new offices in Sydney and needed a fresh and funky look and feel, so their international students could feel relaxed and excited about their future education.

To create a collaborative training area for Velvet Onion. A combination of mixed counter height seating and desk height seating was used in this creative space.

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